Ready to enjoy your life AND your business at the NEXT LEVEL?

We all desire to experience more fun, flow, ease and joy in our lives. We want to run our business with fun, ease, flow and make a LOT of money while doing so. Sometimes it’s not quite as easy as we think on our own and we need some support!

Hence, I created the Next Level Joy Community for you!

What happens in this community:

Weekly trainings on everything below AND MORE

    • Coaching Sessions and Q and A sessions: I will coach you around whatever is getting in the way of the joy and flow you desire in your business and life and answer all questions. 
    • Business Trainings: We will talk the ins and outs of running a business from joy, flow, alignment and being passionately lit up by what you do so that you magnetize soulmate clients. Yes we will talk practical tools but it is the MINDSET that’s essential! 
    • Mindset Coaching/ Journal Prompts: I will facilitate massive mindset shifts for you and the community and provide journal prompts to help facilitate this. 
    • Meditation Sessions: The Meditation will get you into the feeling of what you truly desire, what brings you joy and to live in the energetic state of JOY each and every day.
    • Mastermind/Community: The community is the BEST part. You get to mastermind with each other and with me and be in my energy to help you create massive shifts 
    • Healing Sessions of whatever is blocking you. We will release those blocks so that you can step into your truth. This is done through mindset shifts, Reiki, EFT tapping, breath work or guidance from physical healing exercises (using my physical therapist skills for you there)
    • You get all this for $111/month 


Join today and to get into JOY!

  • Exclusive private Facebook group 
  • Weekly Trainings in the group (announced at the beginning of each week) with live coaching from me
  • Journal prompts to live fueled by JOY
  • Support from me and the community
  • The opportunity to get discounts on my programs

****JOIN THE COMMUNITY FOR AN $1 TRIAL for 7 days! shift into JOY****

Just head over HERE and join.

**After the $1 trial, you will automatically be added to the $111/month monthly fee for the Next Level Joy Community.**

You have 48hours to cancel on the trial. This is because you get INSTANT access to the entire community and all the previous trainings that are located in there that you can watch immeditately. You will have a sense if the Next Level Joy Community is for you or not. If you feel called to cancel the Community please provide 30 days notice and email and we will cancel you for future billings.

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to shift you into your Next Level Joy! 

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