It’s time to CHOOSE YOU & Activate your Potential

Deep dive Work 1:1 with Dr. Katie Henry

  • Do you want to earn money AND enjoy your business?
  • Are you so passionate about your work and mission?
  • Do you desire to make a massive impact in this world?
  • Do you give and give to everyone else but forget about you?
  • Are you successful in your work but still not fulfilled?
  • Are you ready to amplify your spiritual gifts?
  • Are you ready to OWN your magic and step into your life and work as a leader?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and want more joy?
  • Are you keeping it together for everyone else but really just holding on by a string?
  • Are you just exhausted and sick of just surviving?
  • Ready to earn abundantly while enjoying your life?
  • Are you ready to enJOY all aspects of your life?
  • Are you ready to earn abundantly and RECEIVE everything you desire?
  • Are you ready to activate your fullest potential?

It’s time to SHIFT from surviving to THRIVING and activating your fullest potential! 

You did NOT start a business to struggle, be stressed out or overwhelmed…You want to create your DREAM life and you want to enJOY your life and your business….guess what YOU 10000% can and get to! You get to LIVE your fullest potential….every SINGLE day! 

Choose JOY. DECIDE to make yourself a priority.

I know you are a caregiver, a person who gives generously and is naturally of service to others….it’s just who you are. You are a coach, a healthcare provider, a business owner, a parent, a healer, and someone who is genuine and really wants to help and make an impact on this world.

How do I know this? Because I am the SAME exact way. Guess what, you can NOT help, heal, serve or impact others unless you HELP and SERVE yourself FIRST! 

It’s not selfish it’s ESSENTIAL!

Here’s another harsh reality but you need to her this…you do NOT have to do it all. I know shocker but seriously I am giving you permission to ask for support and RECEIVE support. ASK FOR HELP AND SUPPORT. This part is about TRUST, FAITH and releasing control (I know it’s not easy because I used to thrive off controlling it all…it’s liberating on the other side).

How amazing would you feel if you could focus, be worry free, relaxed and have limitless energy? It’s time to stop over thinking, over analyzing, stressing and worrying. It’s time to allow yourself to feel, get into your body and let it be easy.It’s time to be real and honest with yourself, do you pretend like everything is ok? Do you keep it all together and hold in your feelings/ emotions so that you don’t offend anyone or you don’t want others to worry?

It is time for heart-centered people of service who give generously (yep, I’m talking to you) from their heart because that is who we are to STOP struggling, only surviving and doing everything for everyone else…it’s time to THRIVE, FEEL, TRUST, know that you do NOT have to do it all so that you can activate your fullest potential!

YOU CAN infuse JOY and MAGIC in all areas of your life: your business, your health, your relationships, your money, your time, your travels, your children, your body, your exercise, your adventures, your conversations… all of it! 

If you’re ready to dive deep, do the work and activate your fullest potential…I’m your gal!

What working 1:1 with Dr. Katie Henry Looks like

  • Three  1:1 laser sessions a month… over 4 months (value over $20,000)
  • Unlimited Voxer messages during the time we work together I respond within 24 hours (value =$15,000)
  • Access to my courses I have during the duration of our time working together (value over $25,000)
  • My Goals with Soul program to get to your desires and goals and how you really want to feel (value $997)
  • Options to join my in-person workshops, retreats and VIP days at a MASSIVE discount (value= priceless)
  • Feedback, support and coaching on energy, channeling, mindset, money, business, spirituality, health and all the things (luckily I am a giant nerd, love learning and have been trained in all of these areas) (value= priceless)
  • Access to my meditations to download and save forever (value $997)

Here’s the deal….You get from this program what you put into it..YOU DECIDE the result you DESIRE.

Value of over $60,000 plus all the unlimited access which is priceless

Feedback from Happy Clients

“Katie is amazing. Before I talked with Katie, I thought I didn’t have the time or money to hire a coach. Within 5 minutes of talking with Katie one on one, I knew I had to sign up for her coaching. She’s just that good. She is SO real and honest and she is one of those people that just gets you. Everything she speaks about reasonates so deeply with me. The other powerful thing is that after talking with her I felt empowered. I knew I would make the time and find the funds…thanks for being one of my “I got you” people. And yes Dr. Katie is the Joy Whisperer! She literally infuses JOY into everything. Her passion, energy and JOY is contagious. THANK YOU!”
Traci, Texas

“Katie is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspiring women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her positivity and energy is contagious and she has so much to offer. I’ve learned a lot from her in regards to mindset, health, my body, transforming my life, my desires and my passion to help and impact others through my work. Katie has an abundance of resources and provides several opportunities to try new things, better yourself and just feel good. Everything she does is full of passion, knowledge and motivation. She is so real, raw and genuine with everything she does and she has inspired me to be the same way in my life and I am proud so say that I am really taking action. I look forward to her growth and to witness the impact she is making in everyone’s lives she touches. She is a true healer and gives generously and is about service, empowerment and impact. I am grateful for her service and love.”
Natalia, Chicago, IL

Dr. Katie Henry has been a wonderful addition to my life. She’s shifted my mindset and energy so quickly. Within 3 weeks of working with her, I hit my first $30K month, worked less, regained my energy, booked ideal clients literally what seemed like from nowhere. Katie’s energy is infectious…she shifts me instantly (even over Voxer). She’s helped me in every area of my life and I am forever grateful. I booked a vacation just because and am flying business class! Thank you for showing me what’s possible always! I’m loving my next level life! 

Satya, Singapore

“I’m so glad I made the investment to work with 1:1 with Dr. Katie. It really was transformational! I got to the core of what I was really feeling and I discovered the extra weight I was carrying was protection around my heart. Once I realized the desire to be seen, I’ve been able to make changes in my personal and professional life. I no longer want to hide. I once again owned my voice and was able to speak authentically about who I am, and what I need. It’s been several months now, and those conversations have been ones I can recall to help me regain my own power and strength. Thank you, Dr. Katie”
Katie R.

Go do something today that brings you JOY. The more you experience JOY and vibrate higher, the more your life will be

Katie, I’m ready to invest in myself…

Amazing, I am so glad you are CHOOSING yourself and choosing to create a life fueled by joy. Get curious about the transformations that are about to happen because you made yourself the PRIORITY!

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION to work with me and we will determine which option will be best for you and I! 

Dr. Katie Henry is a spiritual success coach, online business mentor, leadership activation and an expert in the brain, spirituality, channeling, energy work and joy. Dr. Katie empowers heart-centered entrepreneurs to take radical responsibility for their reality, create from the magic within and to infuse joy into all areas of their life and business. She works through deep spiritual work, science, authenticity, integrity, vulnerability and joy! 

She earned her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University and is an expert in mindset, neuroscience, and the brain. She’s a holistic health coach and certified Brain Health Practitioner. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, yoga/meditation, and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker.
Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. She believes are magic and have the ability to create whatever we desire in our life when we take radial responsibility. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading, and day-dreaming of her next travel adventure. She left Chicago summer of 2017 and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes.
You have all the answers inside….you just have to choose. Decide to live fueled by joy! -Dr. Kathleen Henry
Activate your fullest potential because you are MAGIC! 

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