Joy is beauty, abundance, the bliss and freedom of a child

Joy is a six-year-old jumping in a puddle after a warm summer rain

Joy is connection: with the people around you, yourself, and your desires

Joy is curiosity, wonder, and awe

Joy is our natural state

I am a giver, dreamer, healer, empath, leader, coach, speaker, teacher, author, fighter, lover, athlete, and a powerhouse entrepreneurial woman. I am here to create a movement of empowered healers who serve from love, service, and JOY. (You’ll hear me say that word a lot around here.) I pull from my expertise of neuroscience, the brain, physical therapy, movement, yoga, nutrition, business and spiritual trainings to spark massive transformations for my clients and students.

I will always be transparent with you and say what’s on my mind. I’m rooted in vulnerability, grounded in gratitude, and full of love and compassion. I yearn to inspire and bring out the healing powers we all have within us. I believe that we all GET to experience JOY in our lives every single day…we just have to DECIDE to choose JOY. 

I have coaching, courses & programs to fit YOUR situation and to help you tap into your inner strength and healing and of course your JOY! Learn more about them here:

Education & Certifications

Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University

B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Loyola University Chicago

Certified Assertiveness Coach and Angel Card Reader

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 & 2

Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator

Certified Yoga Instructor 

Level 2 Reiki Teacher

I am a giant nerd and LOVE to learn. (Can you tell from my list of degrees and certifications?!)

I thrive on human connection but also love my alone time for journaling, meditation, prayer, creativity and to recharge my battery.

I have found so much healing in reconnecting to my spiritual practice. My spiritual practice involves prayer, meditation, journaling, yoga, breath work, mala beads, manifesting and connecting with my soul sisters and brothers. And sometimes some essential oils, crystals, angel cards mixed in with church and healing circles.  I believe we get to co-create with the universe, God, (…insert what you believe in here) and hell yes, that is a powerful co-creation!


I approach life from my heart and strive to positively impact another person’s life each day….. a simple smile can transform someone’s life.  I have infectious energy, a zest for life, and am a very passionate person. I’m a dreamer and believe miracles happen daily.

P.S. I secretly desire to be a backup dancer for someone like Beyonce or Lady Gaga because  music, dance and movement heals and brings me so much JOY! 

I believe what you focus on expands.

I believe everyday we have a choice in how we will show up in the world.

..and I choose JOY each and every day.


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How the Hell Do I Feel?

Dr. Katie Henry is a trained Doctor of  Physical Therapy, neuroscientist, spiritual coach, yoga and Reiki instructor and educator on a mission to create more JOY in the world. She is a coach for healthcare providers, healers, teachers, coaches and mothers (people who are givers and help and heal others on a daily basis).

Where I Come From

I have been a go-getter my whole life. Growing up, I did everything my siblings and parents asked. In college, I played division 1 volleyball at Loyola Chicago. (Go Ramblers!). From there, I journeyed to North Carolina to get my doctorate in physical therapy from Duke University. I worked at the top rehab hospital in the US, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). At RIC, I did anything and everything I could… cutting edge research on the brain, movement and neuroscience, became a top pediatric physical therapist, taught courses and created a myriad of pediatric programs. While working at the hospital, I got certified in yoga and meditation and began my spiritual journey.

I got super sick (swine flu, collapsing at work, adrenal fatigue, burnout, etc. etc.) I knew something had to shift. I was running in 14 different directions and trying to keep it all together and kept saying…yes I’m good. I’m fine. I’m ok….but was I?

I started my first business (my pediatric physical therapy practice) because I wanted to incorporate my holistic approach in my work with children. I was transforming the lives of these children and families (and still do.) I continued to learn and I immersed myself into a health coaching program. After a few short weeks, I knew I could make an even greater impact through coaching.

I was heading in the right direction but still felt an emptiness. My go-to response was still… I’m good. It’s ok. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, I’ve got it.

It wasn’t until I was running along the lake in Chicago when it hit me. With each impact of my foot hitting the pavement, this thought drove deeper into my soul and then it stopped me in my tracks…. I had been running my whole life!

Who had I been running from?  MYSELF.

I returned from that run and looked myself in the mirror and said I will never let my happiness be dependent on anyone else.

I CHOOSE JOY, love and I choose ME!

I also knew I was playing small and that my coaching was good but it could be GREAT.

Initially I thought my practice would be only through health coaching, but I soon realized that my own transformation happened with mindset changes and finding a deeper connection to my spiritual practice. I trained with some of the best mentors in the industry and continued to do the inner work because I learned that I could not help or heal others until I healed myself.

From my years of work with children, I realized that children are the perfect model for how we can and desire to approach life with curiosity, wonder, awe, fearlessness, freedom and JOY!

I am a transformational coach. I’m ready to help you step into your truth and transform your life.

I focus on making consistent daily shifts in your mindset and your health to make radical shifts so that you can live in JOY daily. I push people outside their comfort zone because the discomfort is where we evolve, change and grow. I want my clients to feel like they are getting a giant giant hug from me, that I am always rooting for them, but I will give them a big kick in the ass when they need it.

the Joy Manifesto

It’s all about joy!

Live a life fueled by joy.

Do something today that brings you joy.

Focus on the joy.

Joy dissolves a broken heart.

Joy transcends fear.

Joy creates abundance.

Step into the joy.

Imagine a life fueled by JOY!

“I just needed to take a moment and say how truly special you are. I LOVE your platform of JOY and I truly believe it is going to change the world. You are such a gift to me and all!!!!”


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