Spirit, source, God, the divine.

You are a channel for the divine to flow through you.
You get to allow that to happen for you whenever you desire.
CHANNELING is simply opening yourself up to allow the divine to flow through you.
I invite you to open yourself up to receive the divine messages that are wanting to flow to you. Receiving a channeled message or a channeled experience is about being open and trusting and also knowing that YOU get to CHOOSE what you do with the information you receive. A channeling session is an invitation to be a receiver, to trust ourselves, to take aligned action and to work with the divine.
Now it is time to RECEIVE! Be the Channel!     Activate your fullest potential because You are MAGIC!


“One day a few weeks ago I jumped on to FB and seen Katie doing live channeling, ask a question and she will answer it, I am like OMG!!! I am thinking someone who can help guide me onto a path I have so badly wanted to take but was so held back because of fear. I asked my question and when she called out my name it felt like I had won the lotto, finally someone to tell me what I want to hear and guess what, everything Dr. Katie Henry said made me jump to the sky, it was truly amazing. I joined her Facebook Page, I was hooked. Then she was offering a 5 day FREE training, of course, I joined, her enthusiasm for life is addictive. Those 5 days were crazy, I cried, laughed, danced and had the best time and the bonus was we all got to talk live. I booked a channeling session, it was so good….life changing! I have learnt so much about my blocks and about myself since meeting Katie. This has changed me. So much love for you Katie.”


“I scheduled a session with Dr. Katie Henry not knowing what to expect, after all, I’ve only known about the amazing channeling she does on Mondays live! For barely an hour:) After seeing the live feed I quickly joined and asked my Question, and wow yeah! You know how when something…everything is on your mind and you know it’s bothering and affecting you in a not so positive way- that was me. I don’t remember exactly what my question was but the answer was 💯 I was blown away and had no question in my mind …it was source directly flowing through Dr. Katie Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you.”


“ I feel absolutely fantastic! Shortly after we hung up the phone before doing any meditation or anything, my energy just shifted from the conversation. I felt lighter, I wasn’t reconnecting with anger, and I felt balanced and what I would call back to normal. That day I was under a major deadline so it cleared space 4 me to focus, finally. There was something about your energy and/or intention mixing me with my strong desire to feel better and to expand that really caused an amazing shift that day. This morning, now that that big project is behind me and the note is done, I am filled with incredible energy, love, and excitement about everything! Thank you a million times over! “


Want to experience a channeling and coaching session with Dr. Katie Henry to release your blocks, receive clarity and activate your next level?

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Want to learn how to activate your intuition, amplify your spiritual gifts, protect your energy and learn how to activate what is within you?  You get to apply to be a 1:1 client and work closely with Dr. Katie Henry 

Dr. Katie Henry

Dr. Katie Henry is Intuitive Business coach, a channel, an intuitive, Energy Healer, Holistic Health and Brain Health coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, affiliate marketing Queen. She is an expert in the brain, intuitive healing, energy, business and joy. Dr. Katie empowers heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers to infuse joy and higher consciousness into all areas of their life/ business and to tap into their magic.   We get to activate ourselves to live our FULLEST potential…more of our brain, energy, body, mind and spirit..ALL of it! We ARE MAGIC! 

She got her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University and is an expert in mindset, neuroscience, and the brain. She has taught at Northwestern University’s Medical school and spoken all over the US. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, business mentor,  yoga/meditation, and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker. She is a divine channel and does channeling and mediumship while infusing it with energy work and practical action steps in your life and business….it really is MAGIC! 
She has always had spiritual gifts even as a child yet was told to ignore them and that they weren’t real. She grew up in a religious community yet always felt like there was more. She leaned into fears and trusted herself and the divine to do some beautiful spiritual work in this world and is determined to teach others it is SAFE to be a channel for the divine to flow through us. 
Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, fearlessness, and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading, and day-dreaming of her next travel adventure. She left Chicago summer of 2017 and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes. She now lives in Austin, TX with her husband activating people to their full potential.
Activate YOUR fullest potential because You are MAGIC!  
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