Are you put together on the outside and look fabulous but inside your tearing yourself apart?

Are you strong and confident in your mind but externally you’re a hot mess and can’t seem to pull yourself together?
Are you a social chameleon? Do you change our style, your look, your personality and your opinion to fit in?
Are you seeking your joy and happiness from others?
What if you could find that within yourself and BE confident?
Confidence is within you….sometimes you find it from the outside and then it becomes internal and sometimes you cultivate it within and then you express it outwardly. 

Confidence is within ALL of us!

Honestly it doesn’t matter how it happens. But every single women deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin and feel confident both inside and out. 

It’s time to Be Confidently You & live Fueled by joy!

Annie and Katie are ready to teach you confidence inside and out.

This incredible workshop was live BUT now you can grab the virtual workshop for only $297

I knew when I woke up the morning of the confidence workshop there were going to be big shifts for me.  I dressed as confidently as I could, which is unlike me, but I felt it was going to give me that extra oomph I needed.
What shifted for me at the event was when I admitted all my insecurities still around my body, my clothing and what I tell myself.  As soon as I admitted these out loud, I felt a sense of release come over me.
With the combined energy of Dr. Katie Henry and Anne Frances, I left the workshop feeling brand new, fierce and confident, inside and out that I had reached a new level of who I was.

What is Confidence Inside and Out?

Katie and Annie will share their expertise with you for an entire day of inner work, style, laughter and fostering relationships.

PS we are best friends and have been on a journey to find our own confidence and will share will you how we have transformed our lives in so many ways and that the core of it all is confidence in the person you are, your JOY and the beauty within you! 

Here’s all the goodness that you get:

  • workshop with Katie Henry to teach you what true confidence feels like, how to OWN who you are on the inside and how that shows up in your life and how to tap into your inner confident self
  • workshop lead by Annie to how to creativity represent your self through your style and dress with confidence
  • Annie will teach you how to jazz up your style in your confident way
  • Meditation from Katie
  • Annie’s Style Guide so that you know which clothes are best for your shape
  • transformed view of how you see yourself
  • an inner strength so that NO ONE can knock you down
  • to owning personal style
  • to confidently show up in the world as you
  • ability to get dressed effortlessly
  • creative and new ideas to represent you
  • a mindset shift and an inner knowing that you are perfect just as YOU!


You get this entire workshop for only $297!

PS it was orignally $997 in person and that was a steal


“Wow. Thank you!!! Thank you so much for the most amazing experience today and the most beautiful weekend. You and Annie created such a beautiful and soulful space at this confidence event. I honestly have never been able to go so deep so quickly as I am able to with you and your divine guidance. I am receiving all of that you just shared …I absolutely love all that you are, and all that you are becoming, Katie. You are the most Divine queen of love and joy. I feel so at peace…so…happy…so ME!”


There isn’t one right answer with being confident.
Is it making a decision that you are a confident person? Yes
Is it finding joy and beauty in your flaws and failures? Yes
Is it dressing and owning your style? Yes
Is it Standing tall and boldly showing up? Yes
Is it owning your voice and speaking your truth? Yes
Is it looking in the mirror daily and saying I look Damn good (and actually believing it)? Yes
Is it finding joy in every moment (beautiful or ugly)? Yes

Confidence is within all of us…. now you get to cultivate it!

Annie Peck, owner of Annie Frances Style Consulting, has one goal in mind: to help you be confidently you. As a personal stylist, Annie is your secret weapon in your closet every single morning.  She loves seeing the beauty in all things. She also LOVES listening to how she may best serve you & your fashion needs. As a licensed therapist, she believes in the value of getting to know you & work to better reflect your inner and outer beauty.

Annie has been featured on Fox News and a few of WGN’s Style Files. Giving back is her mission and is done so through donating to Sarah’s Circle, Christopher House, & Horizons For Youth. 

Annie is a proud mama, a lover of the outdoors, travel, concerts, yoga, & all things artsy. Be Confidently You!

Dr. Katie Henry is the Joy Whisperer. She is a transformational life and business coach who empowers heart centered women to infuse joy into all areas of their life and business. 

She got her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, yoga/meditation and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker.

Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, fearlessness and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading and day dreaming of her next travel adventure. Katie recently left Chicago and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes. You have all the answers inside….you just have to choose. Decide to live fueled by joy!

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