Get out of your head and into your body

Ready to get into your body? Are to stop saying you have it all figured out and give yourself permission to FEEL.

Ready to start RECEIVING….you’ve been giving for your whole life it’s time for you to receive! 

How do we heal ourselves? We stop ignoring our feelings…we stop pretending that we have it all figured out and we get real with how we feel so that we can heal it, shift it and transform.

The first step is to just start to believe and trust and have a little faith (even when it scares the shit out of you)……also don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You are NOT alone in this world. GET SUPPORT!

It’s time to have Faith…..Trust….Believe……. and FEEL! 

Learn the process that literally saved my life and has transformed hundreds of my clients LIVES….it starts with FEELING!

 Ready to be honest with yourself and everyone else?

and say, No actually I’m NOT FINE! 

I am Ready to feel.. and want help and support

Insert, Dr. Katie Henry

I understand you and deeply desire to help because my go-to response for nearly 30 years was “I’m Fine”…

Yep, I made things so much harder for myself and probably every single person that I interacted with. I was stressed, running around all over the place, giving, giving, giving and then what the hell happened? I gave and gave to everyone but I was NOT ready and willing to receive. Oh I burnt out, got adrenal fatigue, the swine flu (the constant sweating and 105 degree fevers were insane), a leg injury when my job was to teach people how to walk, ruined friendships and had constant fights with my boyfriend. My world was falling apart and I was struggling to just survive. It was awful.

But did I show my “weakness” or be vulnerable and get real with how I felt?

Nope…. I kept saying “I’m fine” and I continued to push through the struggle and just survive. Until my body and mind just shut down, I collapsed at work, my relationship fell apart and I realized I CAN NOT do it all.

I got help. I got support. I found my faith. I got rid of toxic people, foods and negative energy. But most importantly, I learned how to FEEL. Holy shit that was terrifying but it was incredibly healing. I began to shift….

….physically (I lost weight and had so much more energy)

….emotionally (I was able to express how I was feeling)

….financially (I was doing a business I loved and being compensated for my healing work)

….& in relationships (I released negative ones and the new ones that formed were REAL, genuine and powerful.)

I got out of over thinking, stressing and worrying and I learned to feel things in my body, move in ways that felt good, listen to my intuition, trust my guy, have faith in MYSELF, in others and in God…… I did not have to do it all. I shifted from surviving to THRIVING.

Have you decided that the STRUGGLE IS OVER? ….

Woohoo, I can help you!

Hop off the struggle bus and over-giving and step into help, support and RECEIVING! 

You get to HEAL and you get to HELP others HEAL! 

This program IS NOW $222 until May 31st at 11:59PM instead of $1497


Feel to Heal is the transformational process that teaches you how to tap into FEELING and how that can transform your life. This is the 5 step process that SAVED my life. Over 5 modules you will learn how to: get out of your head (over thinking, over analyzing, people pleasing (it’s ok I am a people pleaser too), worrying, stressing and being anxious) and into your body. This transforms you so that you can feel your feelings, connect to your feelings, learn the many healing tools and techniques to get into your body and into the flow so that you can articulate your feelings and desires, transform your thoughts and connect to who you really are. I’ve added a bonus 6th module on stepping into the feeling of JOY!

You will learn how to shift from disconnection to connection, ease and flow. You become more YOU. FEEL to HEAL!

“Feel to Heal has tremendously helped me get out of my head and into my body. I loved the flow of the program it was natural and healing. AND there is TONS of support in the group as well. It was such a safe space to grow .” – Kim
Kim, Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur

This program is now $222 instead of the normal $1497!

What are the 5 modules?

  • Get out of your head and into your body

We start with moving from over thinking and analyzing into feeling. You learn how to feel and how to connect more with your body. We will dive into your desires, your feminine energy and learn various ways to shift into the feeling.

  • Getting into alignment (physically and energetically) 

This is where I’ll spill all my best secrets on posture and alignment. I bust of my physical therapist tricks with simple exercises and hacks to help you make things easier on your body. We also learn how to get into energetic alignment, recharge and clear negative energy. You will learn what alignment and flow feel like.

  • Unlock your energetic flow with movement and breath work

In this module, I teach you the power of breath work and movement. We will use various types of breath and forms of breath work to open up different parts of the body as well as breath for each of the chakras. You will learn movements that bring you joy, non-goal oreinted movement and the power of music.

  • Communicating your feelings assertively 

Congrats now you know how to feel, what you desire and how to get into that feeling. The next step is communicating those feelings assertively (not being an asshole, passive aggressive or a push over) so that people understand your feelings. This is one of the most powerful tools you will learn….this is LIFE CHANGING for many.

  • Surrender and HAVE Faith

This whole process works and stick by HAVING Faith. Why? You learn that you do NOT have to do it all and you can trust that being yourself is exactly what you “need” to do. You begin to trust yourself, the universe/ god and others. You can surrender the desire to control it all…so freeing!

****value of these modules is $6000******

How does it work?

You get INSTANT access to all 5 modules where you will learn directly from Dr. Katie Henry and have time to implement these changes into your life. There will be love and support along the entire journey from Katie.

You get lifetime access.

You will receive workbooks of journal prompts with ACTIONS to take and meditations each week.

BONUS there is a facebook group for peer support as you go through this process!

You get INSTANT ACCESS to this course as soon as you PURCHASE!  

Do you desire to feel connected and empowered?

BUT maybe you………

Are you spiritually depleted, physically exhausted or mentally resentful?

Are you overwhelmed, lonely and disconnected with who you really are?

Do you feel like there is something missing?

You don’t want to burden others with your troubles

Are you sick of just surviving?

Like things are good but could be GREAT?

Is your tank on E (and let’s be honest has been for years)?

Are you keeping it together for everyone else but really just holding on by a string?

Are you just exhausted?

Are you struggling with connecting to what you really want and desires?

Have you forgotten how to feel or are numb?

Shit, maybe you never knew how to feel.

Are you ready to do something different?

Are you ready and willing to RECEIVE….are you ready to FEEL?


  • Meditations with each module (value of $222)
  • Bonus meditation on how to tap into Love and Joy during times of pain and suffering (value $47)
  • BONUS module 6 of How to Feel and Shift into Joy during Tragedy, Loss and Challenging times (Value $597) 
  • Workbooks with each module (value of $497) 
  • Weekly journal prompts (value of $197)
  • LIFETIME access to this program (any updates or additions to future versions of the program are yours) (priceless)
  • LIFETIME access to a private facebook Group (priceless)  

 OVER $2000 in bonuses!!

 Total Value of the program is over $8000

Testimonials for Dr. katie Henry

“Katie is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspiring women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her positivity and energy is contagious and she has so much to offer. I’ve learned a lot from her in regards to mindset, health, my body, transforming my life, my desires and my passion to help and impact others through my work. Katie has an abundance of resources and provides several opportunities to try new things, better yourself and just feel good. Everything she does is full of passion, knowledge and motivation. She is so real, raw and genuine with everything she does and she has inspired me to be the same way in my life and I am proud so say that I am really taking action. I look forward to her growth and to witness the impact she is making in everyone’s lives she touches. She is a true healer and gives generously and is about service, empowerment and impact. I am grateful for her service and love.”
Natalia, Chicago, IL

“BLESSED. That is how I feel. I learned to tap into my body and got deep and connected with what I truly wanted. Life can be so hard sometimes. Katie taught me that what we really need to do is slow down, listen and identify what we REALLY want. It’s a constant awareness & being still to what your body tells you. The community is incredible. Thank you Katie for the wonderful program. I felt peace, calmness, restoration, light & love! ”

Gela, Ohio

“Dr. Katie Henry has been a wonderful addition to my life. She has opened my world to tools, ideas, and other professionals…all of which helps me find the blocks, and clear the path to joy! She puts her heart and soul into helping other people. I have added what I have learned from Katie to my daily life, and have begun a new path…to happiness and joy!!”
Sandi, New York

Feel so that you can Heal!

So if you are ready to stop pretending like everything is fine or that you are OK and you are ready to dive deep and get connected to your feelings and your SOUL (and just finally be REAL with yourself) then this is the program for you. It’s time to receive help, support and to connect to YOU! Get ready cuz that’s where the magic happens!

But if you want to continue going through the motions, living a life of surviving, struggling, pretending and wishing things would change, then stop reading and continue on with the struggling and the surviving. I don’t want you to burn out, get sick, have relationships/ jobs/ clients etc etc fall apart around you…but that is your choice.

What do you choose? You choose daily….do you choose FEAR (the struggle) or do you choose JOY and LOVE (thriving)?

Let me tell you something, I went through the motions, pretended like everything was fine, was numb and didn’t feel for years and it sucked and nearly killed me. That’s why I created this program for you because I am sick of seeing heart-centered woman struggle (honestly without even realizing you are struggling) and just survive…it’s time to THRIVE, it’s time to FEEL and it’s time to HEAL!  

Do you desire?

  • Clearer Thoughts
  • Less stress and worry
  • Elevated confidence in all areas of your life
  • Clarity and alignment in your business
  • Ease and Flow in what you do and create
  • Deep connection with your loved ones and yourself
  • The ability to have real honest conversations
  • Renewed zest for life
  • Limitless energy to tackle your to-do list with ease
  • To SPEAK your mind confidently
  • To Receive without GUILT
  • Take on resistance and fear like Wonderwoman
  • Be able to FEEL and connect to your BODY

Yes? It all starts with FEELING! Once you do that you can begin heal any “wound” “pain” or “limitation”

Wanna learn how….Keep reading…

Why learn from Dr. katie Henry?

Hey, I’m Katie and I have been where you are. I was giving and giving to everyone else and it left me totally depleted and I felt SO lost and disconnected….but I didn’t realize it for YEARS!!!! Let’s be real….I was numb for years and didn’t know how to feel.

I have taught hundreds of woman who to tap into their feelings and desires and get into their body to heal. I’m a giant nerd and LOVE to learn and have pretty much tried (and failed) at a lot of things so I am here to teach what I have learned. I use my expertise as a doctor of physical therapy, spiritual teacher, transformational coach, assertiveness coach, yoga and Reiki teacher, speaker, author and human being to help you heal from the inside out. Getting into your body and learning how to have faith, move, breath, think and connect to your internal power and strength was the best transformation I made in all areas of my health and life.

How will you Fuel your Joy today? How will you FEEL to HEAL yourself?

I teach you how to get out of your head and into your body and feel so that you can heal. By feeling and tapping into your intuition to connect deeper to your soul’s purpose, you cultivate the joy in all areas of your life. This child-like state of joy, fearlessness, creativity and curiosity is your natural state. We work together so that you can experience more JOY in all areas of your life: mind, body and spirit. It’s not easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You have the answers within you. It’s my job to bring them out. We work together to shift your mindset, ignite your desires, heal your relationship with your body, and nourish your soul so that you can thrive and live in your joy everyday. I’ll give you a big hug but kick your ass when you need it. Through simple and consistent daily practices, you make radical shifts to transform your life towards health and joy each day.

Are you ready to Feel to Heal? It’s time to stop the struggle, live the life you DESIRE and live fueled by JOY! It’s time to FEEL

This program isn’t for everyone. This is for people ready to shift, transform and change their lives. If you aren’t ready, want to continue to struggle, stress out and just get by, this program won’t be a good fit for you.


When does this course start?
You have instant access to this course
How long do I have to this course?
LIFETIME ACCESS and everything is recorded so if you miss a week no worries.
What if I dont have time for this course right now?
Each of the modules are recorded and you have lifetime access so you can take it at your own pace and revisit this training as often as you desire.
What can I expect from this course?
Learn how to get out of your head and over thinking, stop worrying so much, get more connected to your body, get aligned physically and energetically, have a toolkit of techniques to use to tap into your feelings AND have more energy, clearer thoughts, be more in flow and aligned.
What kind of support do I get in this program?
This is a self study course and the facebook group is a BONUS. If you desire more 1:1 support from me grab teh VIP upgrade.
Are there payment plan options?
Absolutely check it out above.
What if want more individualized support?
You can get the VIP upgrade and get some 1:1 time with me.
Do you guarantee results?
Honestly, it’s up to you. But f you show up do the work, shifts will happen. Investing the time, intention and energy will give you what you desire……..DECIDE to choose JOY. You’re worth it.
I still have questions what should I do?
Please email me at

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