Fuel Your Joy Friday!

This week’s theme is Boundaries and Receiving Support in your BUSINESS/CAREER and LIFE!

When you get clear on exactly what you want and desire and ask for support around those desires, it actually happens!

I have been working on receiving more support and am SO excited to say that I got really clear on it (what I wanted support around in my business and I asked for it)
It was terrifying and if you didn’t see my most recent blog one of my biggest fears is that people will leave and that I have to control it all and end up doing everything…BUT I am choosing to shift that.
Anyways, my PA/VA who i am giving more responsibility too is SO aligned and keeps sending me messages of how she LOVES working with me
and I ADORE working with her
I sent her something and she responded saying I was also thinking we could do…. (what she said was legit my next voice message to her…I was thinking we could)
YES ALIGNED! Soulmate team members! Woohoo finally!
My point…..
1) get clear on what you desire
2) get clear and aligned with what brings you joy
3) RELEASE the joy suckers and what is not aligned and receive support around that
4) ask for support
5) be willing to know that you do NOT have to control it all
6) be grateful that there are people who love to do the things you hate
7) believe that it always works out perfectly because it does
If you desire help or clarity on knowing what you want, knowing what brings you joy or learning how to receive support….. don’t worry I am here to help
and I will share some powerful tools with you in this week’s Blog and some goodies I am sharing below. 
PS thank you Stacie you’re the best!

Check out this recent blog on how I felt about receiving support and my biggest fears around releasing control (it’s vulnerable and a little scary to share but there are powerful tools in here for you). Also there is a great meditation in here for you as well 

You get to be supported. Check it out here: https://drkatiehenry.com/nourish-your-soul/you-get-to-be-supported/ 

I love to create meditations but this might be one of the best ones I have ever made. It is all about stepping into your next level and embodying the joy that you desire in your life.

Just click on the link below to purchase this powerful meditation that you will get emailed to you to download and save forever. It is $11.11 and I know you will get powerful shifts from this meditation. The feedback has been incredible!

Remember that in order to know what you want and receive what you desire, you also get to know what you do not want.

BOUNDARIES are key in helping you identify what you are unavailable for on all levels. You get to set energetic boundaries. You get to set boundaries around how you desire to be treated and you get to set boundaries around who enters your world.

Check out this blog below all about boundaries and remember that saying NO creates space for you to say YES to you!


Recommended books around Receiving and Boundaries

These books are great around the topics of this week and super powerful check out which ones you feel called to 🙂 Just click on the image and you can get the books right from Amazon (making it easy for you)


Music is one of the best ways to shift into joy. I ADORE music so I thought I would share with you some of the playlists I have been listening to (they’re on Spotify and you can totally follow me on there….I have over 200 playlists) to help with challenging time and times of growth. EnJOY the music.

I hope you enJOYed these thoughts, tips and suggestions from me. I look forward to sharing more ways to fuel your joy and shift into joy when life happens next Friday.

Until then go do something that brings you joy.

Decide to live FUELED BY JOY! #fueledbyjoy