Fuel Your Joy Friday!

I am starting a new series on the blog where each Friday I share with you some tools you can use to fuel your joy.

I will be sharing some of my writing, meditations, favorite books, products, programs or experiences to shift you into the energy of joy and help you do more of what brings you joy when life happens so that you get to live fueled by joy every single day.

So let’s get this party started!

This week’s theme is Growth and Guidance! 

Mindset and Meditation

Open yourself up to the possibilities for GROWTH!

You never know who will help you grow.

You never know which situation will help you shift closer to your truth.

You never know which conversation will connect to the exactly “right” person

….or maybe you do 😉

Either way stay open and be ready for massive shifts to happen whenever you desire.

Check out this recent blog all about growth….and yes there is a meditation with it too….enJOY! 


Grab one of these Card Decks and Ask for Guidance

How to use these cards?

  • Ask a question or ask for guidance with something you are struggling with, have some fear around or desire support.
  • Close your eyes and shuffle the cards.
  • Take a deep breath and focus on your question/intention.
  • Pull a card.
  • Read the card and trust this is exactly what you get to receive.
  • If you feel called, journal on what comes up for you.

Aside from Gabby, who else is been a massive spiritual teacher for me? Danielle LaPorte! I can’t talk about fabulous card decks without talking about Danielle’s truthbomb decks. If you participate in any of my workshops (in person or virtual), we will probably be pulling cards from the #truthbomb card decks. There are 2 options….deck #1 and deck #2. Which one to choose? Honestly just pick one or two or if you are like me just do yourself a favor and get both! They are filled with simple but powerful phrases (usually about 11 words or less) that always seem to be EXACTLY what you desire to here. Grab your Danielle LaPorte truthbomb decks!  These are awesome for yourself or to give as gifts….ask any of my clients, you WILL get a few sent to you via snail mail if you work with me 🙂

As many of you know, Gabby Bernstein is one of my spiritual teachers. I have taken her Spiritual Junkie Masterclass course (level one…3 times and did level 2 last fall), read all of her books, am trained to facilitate her May Cause Miracles course and basically love all things Gabby. So obviously when her new card deck came out I was in. Not only are these cards from her fabulous book, The Universe Has Your Back, which I have read and listened to and facilitated book clubs on so yeah it’s good, but the art is gorgeous and designed by Gabby’s best friend and a fellow Spirit Junkie, Miceala. Do yourself a favor and head here and grab yourself a deck….you won’t regret it!

Books Worth Reading

I have been LOVING The Magician’s Way. There are some powerful and practical tools in here of how to be a “magician”. It’s a lot of mindset work (which I obviously love) but there is also a beautiful fictional story. There were many times when I was reading and could not help but smile because I was thinking….this is what I tell my clients and friends all the time (it felt good to see it written) and also times where I was blown away by the principles…and of course I laughed…cuz JOY! This book is a fun read and also shares a lot of practical tools on ways to TRUST yourself and the magic within you which facilities exponential growth.

If you are open to a more religiously inspired book on growth, I encourage you to check out A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It is one of the most popular books on growth and really answering the question of what am I here for and what is my purpose. There are daily exercises that you get to do. I have read this book and done the exercises. It is similar to many of the other practices I have done but some of the passages he writes really hit home for me. This does have a lot of Christian references in it and he does quote the bible so if that’s not your thing, this might not be the book for you….but like I said be open and you never know what will happen 🙂

If you want a fictional story that is all about guidance, growth, faith and trust, then The Shack is a MUST! I would highly encourage you to read the book. I mean you can watch the movie but let’s be real the book is always better. This made me cry, laugh and think but honestly this book brings me so much JOY. It’s such a good read. It’s one that you will NOT want to put down. You can think about your own journey of growth and faith during the hard and challenging times of life and see yourself in Mackenzie. I thought this book was really appropriate for this week’s topic on growth and challenges. This is a read you will NOT regret!


Music is one of the best ways to shift into joy. I ADORE music so I thought I would share with you some of the playlists I have been listening to (they’re on Spotify and you can totally follow me on there….I have over 200 playlists) to help with challenging time and times of growth. EnJOY the music.

I hope you enJOYed these thoughts, tips and suggestions from me. I look forward to sharing more ways to fuel your joy and shift into joy when life happens next Friday.

Until then go do something that brings you joy.

Decide to live FUELED BY JOY! #fueledbyjoy