Flow is just as natural as joy and getting into flow is about getting into the feeling.

Flow is a state that we all get to feel; however, it can take a little bit of “work”. The “work” is really just getting out of our own way and allowing the flow and the joy to take over as these are states that our body, mind and soul deeply desire to experience. So why not get into flow more often.

What does flow feel like?

Flow feels like a river, stream or the ocean. It moves naturally and beautifully with grace and ease as well as a space of trust that gets to be natural and almost automatic. Flow is really getting aligned with our intuition, our joy and our desires.

Flow is your natural state. Flow feels just like JOY!

Flow feels like being fully present in the NOW! It feels like genuine connection. I am talking soul to soul connection.

Flow gets you more aligned with joy and magnetizes your desires.

Being in flow cultivates and manifests MORE JOY! The more joy you get to have the more in flow you get to be. What a beautiful cycle…..flow calls in more joy and flow gets you into the energetic state of joy.

Flow feels like being guided by intuition.

Flow feels like I get to be fully alive.

Flow feels light, easy and natural AND at the same time…electric, tingling, powerful, strong and invisible!

Flow feels like no thinking, just being, feeling, and allowing.

Flow just happens….it feels so good.

Flow is freeing because it is a natural state that you just GET to be in.

Flow feels like you get to just breathe naturally, fully exhale, relax into the sensation and just be.

When you are in flow, time seems to stand still. You get into an energetic state that feels so right, real, true and authentically you.

Flow gets to occur in every single area of our lives. Just like joy, we get to choose it.

Let’s dive deeper into what flow gets to feel like in your business/ career: 

  • Speaking from your heart always
  • Writing from intuition and joy
  • Trusting that you always make the right decision
  • Being in the energetic state that you desire (so for me it is of course, JOY)
  • Manifesting ideal clients by just showing up authentically
  • Programs/ courses content that just pour out of you (you can’t NOT create this)
  • Writing and speaking exactly to the people whose lives you get to transform (when you do this in your business, you WILL get responses from people that say…oh my gosh, that is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today……that is a way to tell yourself, yes I am writing and speaking from FLOW)
  • Abundance and you are calling in everything you desire and have dreamed for
  • Receiving money daily with ease and without fear of will there be enough because the money just flows
  • Surpassing whatever energetic minimum or goals you choose
  • Growth and business opportunities just keep showing up and presenting themselves to you
  • A sensation of getting and receiving exactly what you want….perhaps to a point of you thinking, Is this really possible? YES it is possible because when you are in FLOW you get exactly what you desire…..so dream BIG and TRUST that you are exactly where you get to be and you are calling it all in!

Do you desire to get into FLOW more often? It’s time to clear your blocks and step into the energy of JOY and into FLOW. Join me for the JOY healing workshops and achieve more FLOW.