Do you desire more energy, more time and more ease?

Want to get more done in less time and ALWAYS feel amazing and like you can take on ANYTHING?

Ready to you shift into a higher energy? A more high vibe state? A higher vibration?

How do you want to feel in a year?

What does your dream life look like?

What does your dream business look like?

Do you BELIEVE that you can create the feelings, life, and business that you desire?

Maybe you believe it but you have NO CLUE HOW?!?

Or perhaps you are all about the how and the process but you have NO BELIEF.

What if I told you that all of this….the dreams, the desires, the belief and the process (the how) all from a fire within.

Call it what you want…your soul, your truth, your essence but it is all within you.

You get to make a choice and decide to listen to what you know within….AND you get to decide so that you can create the life you deeply desire. 

For years, people have asked me how am I so high vibe, high energy, positive, upbeat and get so much done in a day.

How can I have the beliefs/ mindset that I do despite adversity?

First off let me tell you that I am not perfect, and that I am not fearless….I see the fear and I do it anyways. 

JOY is in the drivers seat of my life…..

Joy gets to be the driving force in your Life too.

There is a process behind all this joy that I am about. It’s about shifting your energy into that higher vibration, into a new belief and into JOY.  I am a generator and I create my reality. I create beliefs, energy, health, abundance, money, friendships, relationships, my business….I have created it all and I want to teach you the process. You can create you reality. YOU CAN LIVE FUELED BY JOY! 

It’s not complicated but it takes commitment. It takes a commitment to KNOWING and BELIEVING that you get to create the joy you desire…..It’s time to SHOW UP and take action!

So you may be thinking, ok great Katie we see this in you but what does it actually look like in my life.

Here’s the deal…’s multi-faceted and involves several moving parts but I can guarantee that if you are still reading this you have at least one of the components down and you just get to develop some of the others on a deeper level.

You get to generate the life you desire…your JOY!

These dreams and these desires is something you get to create.

You get to create energy, time, how you live, how you think, your beliefs, your joy…anything you desire!

You get to generate the joy in your life…..all aspects of it.

Do you look at people with joy, happiness, success, energy, money, abundance and success and wonder how do they do that?

It’s a conscious choice and a decision they have made that this is HOW their life is.

It’s about mindset.

It’s deeper than just manifestation, luck, hard work or whatever you want to call it.

This is something you get to create and you get to generate from within.

Here’s a little video I filmed after shifting my energy by running on the beach to generating my own joy….this is why I created this course….I want you to be able to shift and create joy from within you ALWAYS!!!!  NO MATTER WHAT

I’ve create a program for you to teach you how do Create joy in your life..NOW!

GENERATE YOUR JOY is a 28 day program to teach you how to create the joy you desire in your life

The cool part of this program is that I am sharing literally every single tool/ approach with you on how to generate the HIGH VIBE energy of JOY that is within you. You get access to my crazy brain and next level energy.  I am teaching you how I get more done within 4 hours than most people do in a week….it’s all about the energy you generate!

We will use 5 main methods to shift your energy and to generate JOY in your life: mindset, meditation, movement, music and manifestation. (details below) 
If you are ready to GENERATE more JOY in your life and with every single person you interact with this holiday season, then sign up NOW!

Your JOYful life is waiting!            It’s time to GENERATE your JOY!

Want to take your joy to the NEXT LEVEL?

Grab the VIP option and get everything listed above AND a 1:1 session with me to deep dive into your zone of joy so that you can create and fully step into what you desire….NOW!


  • a facebook group for support along the entire 28 day journey
  • LIVE Q and A calls with Dr. Katie in the group
  • Dr. Katie’s  winter clean eating program (over 80 recipes, shopping guide, clean eating principles and support tools) 
  • Dr. Katie’s resource guide to all the supplements, mindset tools, books and much more that will nourish your brain, shift your energy and shift you into becoming a true GENERATOR in your life.

We start December 4th, 2017!! Yes, you get it for LIFE! 

End 2017 with JOY, this program runs until the end of 2017! 

The Generate your Joy Program Details

A 28 day program to teach you to create JOY in your life from within and here’s how:

  • MINDSET: Dr. Katie will send you daily journal prompts to shift your mindset
  • Meditation: You receive 4 weekly meditations from Dr. Katie to tap into the joy that is within you and teach you the tools you have within you to slow down, tune in and listen to your intuition and your inner joy.
  • Movement: It’s time for me to own my doctor of Physical Therapy skills to teach you save, powerful and simple exercises that will increase your energy, boost your metabolism and strengthen your muscles (physical and mental). You will receive 3 weekly workouts (they will be high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, stretches and yoga). Bonus is that these will be workouts that focus on your brain health as well 🙂
  • Music: Yay this is my favorite part because music is a passion of mine and is a POWERFUL generator. Dr. Katie will make you 3 weekly playlists with movements to shift you into joy and music that will shift you on a cellular level in the ability to create energy and joy from within!
  • Manifestation: Dr. Katie will teach 4 weekly trainings to teach you have to manifest (PUT INTO ACTION) all of these principles and to manifest your joy.

Get this entire program for $397 or 9 weekly payments of $55

Ready to take your JOY to your NEXT LEVEL? Upgrade to the VIP option for a deep dive 1:1 session with me, Dr. Katie Henry, in addition to everything you will receive in this program.

VIP option is $997 or payments of 2 monthly payments of $555

Don't wait....Generate your Joy!








Your course is seriously amazing!! I am learning SO much about joy and the role it should have in my business and my life. Your next level Joy meditation is my go-to meditation every morning, and it lights me up for the day like no other meditation has. The movement + mindset exercises in that one work in such beautiful harmony.
The passion, energy and knowledge you bring to the course are not only fueling me in the moment I watch the videos, do your meditations and write with your journaling prompts — but they are staying with me throughout the day. It’s one thing to have that connection to the material in the moment, but it’s quite another to keep thinking about it throughout the day.
Bottom line, I freaking love this course and everything you are doing and are all about!


Entrepreneur and Author of the I AM Journal

As I listened to Dr. Katie’s program, “Generate Your Joy”. all I could think was YES, YES, YESSSS.  A program such as this is so needed.  Every day I see programs and courses on how to change your mindset.  Coaches teach how to think different through affirmations, journaling, etc.  Now don’t get me wrong, these components are essential for changing your mindset because it really is all in the mind.  However, I have not seen a course out there that takes it one step further such as Dr. Katie’s approach.  This WILL change the Mindset Game.

Who is Dr. Katie Henry? 

Dr. Katie Henry is the Joy Whisperer. Dr. Katie is an expert on Joy, Mindset and Energetic shifts. She is a transformational life and business coach who empowers heart centered women to infuse joy into all areas of their life and business. 

She got her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, yoga/meditation and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker.

Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, fearlessness and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading and day dreaming of her next travel adventure. Katie recently left Chicago and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes. You have all the answers inside….you just have to choose.

Decide to live fueled by joy!

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