Do you run your own business, have a side hustle or a passion project that you’ve been working on?  Yes? YAY CONGRATS!

That is no easy task to take on. So let’s take a moment and celebrate YOU! Woohoo….cue dance party music!

Now I have a real question for you….

Did you create your own business so that you could struggle, be stressed out, feel exhausted, work all the time, never see your family and friends, forget to eat or barely sleep? Are you making 6 figures but miserable and can’t remember why you decided to do this in the first place?

Seriously take a moment and do some inventory of how much FUN you have in your business.

I am not saying that it is always sunshine and rainbows BUT you do GET to decide how you create your business and life!

Imagine if instead you could…
Be in LOVE with your business (all parts of it), charge your worth and receive support all around you so that you get to have ALL the success and joy you desire
Experience JOY (I am talking bliss, flow, freedom, profit, next-level expansion) in your business everyday
Hustle and do the work from a space of JOY, FLOW and alignment so that creativity comes with ease (you’ll become a content machine), offers and programs come to you all the time, money flows easily (5 figure launches, 4-5-6 figure months, surpassing money goals, increasing your prices), collaborations and JVs are constantly presented and you blow your income goals out of the water because you are so tapped into your JOY that you are magnetic for everything
GET to experience you business and life as one thing… you get to make money while being you and LOVING life.
Added benefits also include things like……eating actual meals, sleeping more than 3 hours, seeing your significant other, travelings, taking naps if you want, frequent dance parties because there is a lot to celebrate and be joyful about, increased income and MASSIVELY improved mood…’ll be much more fun to be around (wins all around)

JOY is your natural state so why the hell would you resist that! Just look at a child and tell you you don’t see joy, curiosity and wonder…we all felt that way before and now it is time to tap into your joy!

Want to learn how you get to do this? Remember it is a choice… you choose struggle or JOY?


Your Joy-Fueled Business!

The course: Joy Fueled Business

6 week program to DECIDE and Create a Business Full of Purpose, Passion, Profit, Alignment, Abundance, and JOY!

A new module is released each week in a private membership site (you get lifetime access) and the BONUS Q&A calls happen in the private facebook group…woohoo so JOYful!

Week 1 – Get Clear on Your Desires 

We start with one of my favorite things identifying what you ACTUALLY desire in your business and life. Yep this is something I start EVERY single client with. It’s about a feeling and connecting to the FEELINGS you desire. Plus I will teach you how to tap into joy and what joy feels like for you….so good.

Week 2 – Finding Your Joy 

Once you know what you desire and what joy feels like for you, now we get to connect to your ZONE OF JOY in your business. This is what activities in your business bring you so much JOY and where you get to focus your energy and time. THIS is the KEY to your success. The expansive energy is infectious and leads to more sales, more clients, a larger following, more income & influence.

Week 3 – Eliminate the Joy Suckers and Connect to The Energy of Joy 

This week we dive into eliminating what is holding you back in your business or where you are spending time and energy that truly does not bring you joy and then look at what you get to put in place (social media schedulers, systems/ programs (emails providers, leadpages, canva, wordswag, clickfunnels, use divi builder on your website, automation, out sourcing, hiring team members and much much more). We will talk receiving support in your business from people, mentors, systems and structures. I’ll also share with you a platform I use that teaches you this even deeper AND has automated and done for you funnels

Once you release the joy suckers, you get to tap into the energy of joy and create your business from there. 

Week 4 – Implementation

This week we will have a break from the modules and I have a module for you where I answered many questions and you get to just catch up….cuz life. I want to give you the time 🙂

Week 5 – Aligned Action 

This is where we get A LOT of work done. When you are tapped into your zone of JOY and you have eliminated your joy suckers, you get to create from a space of joy. We go over creating and writing emails, sales pages, opt-ins, creating challenges etc that are in alignment with your zone of JOY and what lights you up about your business. We’ll also talk about creating offers, creating courses and programs in your zone of JOY. HOW you get to shift your energy into joy, abundance and expansion. Your business becomes aligned with what brings you JOY in your business and is in YOUR energy of JOY so your clients are magnetized to the programs and to you. Your MARKETING and SALES from JOY and that energy that moves people into action and YOU receive RESULTS! 

Week 6 – Constant Flow of Cash, Clients and Creativity from Joy

This is the FUN part! In this module, I will teach you how to shift back into joy in your business so that you can in flow in your business with money, clients, programs, content and support. We also talk about how to recognize when you are out of joy so you can always learn how to shift. *****Added Bonus on SALES and MARKETING****


  • Weekly Meditations (value $222)
  • Private Facebook Group for community and next level support (priceless)
  • LIVE Q and A call in the facebook group with some laser coaching from Dr. Katie (value $1500)
  • Weekly Journal Prompts (value $222)
  • Dr. Katie’s Monetize your Joy Workshop (value $297)
  • Dr. Katie’s resources for tapping into JOY in your business and life (value $500)

****value over $3000 in bonuses*****

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Are you ready to create a Joy-Fueled Business?

There’s two ways you can join me for this program:

Guess what I just made it easier for you to join! There is a new payment plan…4 bi-weekly payments of $147! 

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“If you’re looking to take your business and mindset to another level, the Joy Fueled Business course is exactly what you need! As someone who recently started a side hustle business, I needed to learn how to maximize my precious time to maximize my results — without feeling stressed out and overworked. Dr. Katie Henry completely changed my mindset on how easy it is to find and tap into your joy on a daily basis with my business! Not only is the course by itself so incredibly informative, but she always takes the time to answer questions, share lots of valuable information in the Facebook group and really cares about the progress you are making throughout the course. I can’t recommend Dr. Katie Henry and this course enough!”

Lauren Sanders, Creator of The I AM Journal

Lauren S.

creator of the I AM journal

“Dr. Katie Henry has been a wonderful addition to my life. She’s shifted my mindset and energy so quickly. Within 3 weeks of working with her, I hit my first $30K month, worked less, regained my energy, booked ideal clients literally what seemed like from nowhere. Katie’s energy is infectious…she shifts me instantly (even over Voxer). She’s helped me in every area of my life and I am forever grateful. I booked a vacation just because and am flying business class! Thank you for showing me what’s possible always! I’m loving my next level life!” 


Coach for Freelancers

“Words will never be able to express how much Katie means to me, and how she has changed my life. I will tell everyone who will listen to me of who she is and what she does. I am grateful to be following her and her wisdom. Katie will help so many people!”
Aimee B.

You rock, Katie! I am blown away by the content and what you have taught me. I love this concept and honestly can say I have been more attune to joy and connecting to my feelings ever since I’ve spoken with and learned from you. This has shifted so much in not only my business but my life. I am having so much fun with my life and my business continues to grow daily. Can’t wait to hear and learn more! xoxo
Heather D.

Mental Health Therapist

About Dr. Katie Henry

Dr. Katie Henry is the Joy Whisperer. She is a transformational life and business coach who empowers heart centered women to infuse joy into all areas of their life and business.

She got her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University and is an expert in mindset, neuroscience and the brain. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, yoga/meditation and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker.

Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, fearlessness and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading and day-dreaming of her next travel adventure. Katie recently left Chicago and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes.

You have all the answers inside….you just have to choose. Decide to live fueled by joy!

Still have a few questions?

Here’s the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions I hear.

When does this start?
This course is currently closed and will re-open in late January/ early Feb 2018
How long do I have this course?
Forever you get lifetime access!
Are there payment options?
Absolutely. There is a pay in full or payment options for both the standard program and the VIP option
What if I want more 1:1 support?
You can get the VIP upgrade and get some 1:1 time with me.
Do you guarantee results?
Honestly, it’s up to you. But if you show up do the work, shifts will happen. Investing the time, intention and energy will give you what you desire……..DECIDE to choose your DESIRES and get aligned with your JOY. You’re worth it.
Do you give refunds?
Due to the price point of this program and the brief length and the amount of digital content, there are no refunds on our purchase.
I still have questions what do I do?
Just email me at with any questions that you have.
It’s all about your ENERGY and your JOY! 
Shift into JOY and everything changes. 
Not only in your business BUT also your LIFE!

Your #1 Job is to take care of you, your energy and your joy!

Stop for a second and think about this, do you LOVE what you do everyday?

Do you take care of your energy?

What the hell do I mean by that?
Are you thinking of how you FEEL each day?
How do you get to show up in the world each day?
How do you feel when you are working/ running your business?
How do you feel when you are creating/ writing/ speaking/ working with clients?
How do you feel at the end of the day?

Are you energized or depleted?

If you LOVE what you do and are in your ZONE OF JOY, you will be energized and inspired all day to do what you get to do in your business AND your life!

That is the most important thing….tapping into what brings you JOY and doing more of that.

Once you connect with your joy, then you get to create from there.

That is when the magic happens!

It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy website or landing page.

Shoot I didn’t have a website for about 12 months as I was rebranding and cleaning up my message to be connected to me and joy. 
Half of my clients don’t have a website and are booking clients left and right.

It doesn’t matter the size of your email list or your facebook group… you can earn 6 figures with a list under 1,000 and a facebook group of less than 500 people!

It doesn’t matter the conversation rates and the funnels or how many challenges or webinars you run.

Can you do all of those things? YES of course.

But do you HAVE to….NO!

It’s all about your ENERGY and your connection to what brings you JOY…every….single…day!

The best work I personally have ever created is when I am in complete JOY and bliss and in love with what I am doing, creating, writing or speaking about.

I am SO connected to my joy that I am a creation machine (PS that is how I can write salespages in an hour, crank out 15 emails quickly, create and design 6 pages of my membership site for my current course (legit just did that 30 minutes ago) and write emails/ posts quickly…..

It’s about taking aligned action from the connected FEELING of JOY and being so deeply connected to what you LOVE about your work.

It’s about being in the energy of joy….of passion…of purpose!

That is when you are magnetic for everything you desire!

EVERYTHING……not only business (money, clients, opportunities, ideas)

but also…..
-taking care of your health
-attracting next level soul mate friendships
-attracting soulmate partners into your life
-manifesting opportunities 
-manifesting travel
-attracting and experiencing love 
-being in LOVE with your life!

I speak from personal experience when I talk about these shifts (my life, business, earning $, relationships, travel, connection with friends and family, great guys I am dating and so much more have up-leveled to the max by connecting so deeply to my joy)

BUT ALSO I have several clients who are doing the SAME THING!

I just had a women who joined this course (the course hasn’t even started yet but she is applying what she has learned from me already) who sent me a message and said…
OMG I GOT IT! I connected to what brings me JOY and what I LOVE about my work.

Guess what she did……she created an entire workshop, made the flyers, has all of the content and is now just searching for a venue (PS this happened in less than 2 hours)


Just connect to your JOY
Connect to your PASSION
Connect to what makes you…you!

Do that! 
Do that every single day.

You will get EVERYTHING you desire! 
Believe it! 
It is happening.

Decide to Live Fueled By JOY!