Are you a teacher, mentor, or leader?

Have you always KNOWN you are here to lead and impact others?

As a kid were you the one who stepped up and took charge?

Maybe you were a little bossy?

You were the one who took responsibility.

You stepped up over and over again.

You always had something to say (even if you held it inside).

You have never really done things the “traditional way”

You think outside of the box and that comes naturally.

When people are stuck or there is a problem, you LOVE to share a “different” way to approach it.

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been a leader and teacher your WHOLE LIFE.

Here’s why:

it’s in you!

Things that are hard for others come pretty naturally to you.

You don’t think the same way as most people.

You are innovative.

You are expansive.

You are open to learning and will do the work.

You view “failures” as opportunities for growth and learning.

You are open to creative solutions.


There is NOTHING wrong with being different and being this way…. in fact it is a gift.

But here’s the thing:

You might not be stepping fully into this teacher, leader, mentor…INFLUENCER role.

What are you afraid of?

What is holding you back?

It’s probably just you.

How do I know this?

This was me.

This is me….ask my siblings I’ve always been kinda bossy.

I LOVED to be the teacher, play school, set up “shows and performances”

I’m really creative and always find a way to do things a little differently.

I am a stubborn.

I don’t know how to fail.

I’m a little crazy and do things that so many people think is nuts or they don’t get…but I know in my soul are right.

I ALWAYS think outside the box (honestly I KNOW this is one of the reasons I have been successful)

–> in fact I KNOW thinking outside the box has helped me run 2 businesses.

Thinking outside the box made me a top therapist at the #1 rehab hospital in the US….I always knew there was a different way and I was not afraid to try the “crazy things”….

My old co-workers can attest to the fact that I was always yelling at someone in the hallway to get up and walk or would strap a kid up to a lite gait (supportive walking device) with a full leg cast and literally pull their legs forward with gait belts to get the walking pattern in their brain because I KNEW my patients were in there and that miracles could happen.

I always KNEW miracles happen daily…even when no one believed

I’ve done the crazy thing over and over again….leaving that amazing job at RIC, starting my own private practice, starting my own coaching business, leaving the secure lifestyle I had created to follow my heart….etc etc etc

I keep doing the “crazy” thing because it’s what my heart and intuition tells me.

I keep having faith and trusting even when it seems insane because I KNOW I am here for something massive.

If you are like me, you know that there is SOMETHING massive inside you that needs to come out.

It is time.

You ARE the teacher.

You ARE the leader.

Your voice is SO needed in this world.

You are a healer. You are here to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Maybe you have doubts, fears and are in your own head because you are thinking…..wait it can’t be this easy.

Actually it can because it is who you are!

You are the teacher.

You are the leader.

You are here to change the world.

I know I am.

But ya know what…..I didn’t fully own that I was a leader until someone saw it in me.

Sometimes we can’t always see the greatness in ourselves that others see.

That’s why we have mentors.

That’s why we have teachers.

Every teacher and mentor and leader has someone who is just a few steps ahead of them that they are learning from.

I have found my teachers and mentors and I ADORE them.

They are the same as me just a few steps ahead. I see myself in them.

I am here to be your mentor.

I am here to be your teacher.

If you see yourself in me, it’s because we are very similar.

I get you.

I see you.

I understand your crazy.

It’s not crazy….it’s just different.

But different is good.

Thought leaders are different.

People who are meant for greatness aren’t always understood.

and ya know what…..that’s ok.

Not everyone has to “get you”

Not everyone has to understand you.

Just find the people who do get you….LOVE THEM hard.

Find the teachers and mentors who will help you get to your next level.

In my journal this morning, I asked God what do I need to share right now and I channeled some powerful stuff in my journal…… basically what came through is this…

Katie, it is time to step up…like NOW…. people have been searching for you, they are eagerly awaiting your guidance, keep sharing, keep giving, keep showing up and ask for guidance.

Pray, stay humble, give generously and be of service.

People need your teachings.

They NEED your healing work.

They’re ready to RECEIVE from you.

It’s time for you to step into your greatness.

(Thank you God for coming through loud and clear today).

You guys, seriously, ask and you shall receive.

It is a simple thing really……just ask and be open to receive.

The abundance, the desires and the greatness you KNOW that is inside of you and that is a part of your destiny are there for you…..just ask.

I’m ready to RECEIVE you.

I am ready to hold the space for you.

I am ready to witness your transformation.

I am ready to witness you step into your truth.

I desire to see you step into your greatness.

I see you and the teacher and leader you ARE.

If you are ready for your next level and want my support…comment below or apply to work with me today –> 

It’s time.

The world needs you!

Step into your greatness.

OWN your weirdness.

OWN that you are different.

OWN that you ARE the teacher.

You are here to impact lives.

We need you!

I am at my next level and I have been where you are and I desire to help you get to where I am now and where I KNOW I am going.

Don’t settle.

KEEP being your weirdo, kinda crazy different self.

Be the teacher and leader you know you have always been.

It’s time.

I’m ready to help you get there.

All you have to do is ASK and be open to RECEIVE.

Let’s do this.

You’re ready.

I’m ready!

Apply today…..let’s do this!

DECIDE to live fueled by joy.

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