Being An Entrepreneur Can Feel Crazy

Sometimes when you are an entrepreneur you feel a little crazy…but you kinda love it.

There are days where you are just going and going from flow and it feels so good…..of course I always work from JOY (that’s the most important thing guys).

Not sure about you guys but I LOVE launching…it is so joyful!

Yes I am launching and sharing all of the things but they’re all amazing and it would be a disservice not to share them with you.

Today was full of phone calls, emails, content creation, livestreams and JOY.

But it was also full of phone calls to fix things on my website, being on hold and talking to random guys who sit in front of their computer all day BUT

I was able to bring the JOY to one man.

He helped me fix my site so that I can make my new membership site for my courses woohoo and he was playing around on my website and laughed saying…I wish I could live fueled by joy.

Long story short he spilled out everything going on in his life to me (PS this kinda stuff happens to me a lot because people feel safe with me) and how his wife left with his daughter a year ago and he tries to see the good but it is so hard each day.

I taught him a few lessons on mindset, choosing joy each and every day even when it looks awful, being compassionate towards yourself and seeing the joy in the little moments.

I told him how he bought me so much joy in the ways he was helping me with something that was so simple for him and so challenging for me.

PS asking for help is the BIGGEST lesson I have learned this year…but it is SO good what you ask because you become more open to receive. Also this allows you to stay aligned with your JOY and your zone of genius. 

Anyways, I could feel his energy shift (yep I can sense that kinda stuff intuitively) and by the end of the call he was laughing, light and joyful.

I said to him see….you can choose joy and live fueled by joy each and everyday.

He said yes…I just had to listen and listen to what brings me JOY and choose to feel better more often. 

He said thank you and I said thank you.

We hung up the phone having changed each others lives for the better…..

Always say thank you and be grateful.

Ask and you shall receive.

Be compassionate towards yourself and others.

And of course,

Choose JOY




Live Fueled by Joy.

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P.S. Here is one of my favorite Meditations I desire to share with you. It’s called the Joy Bubble Meditation and you get to tap into the JOY that you desire within you and know that whenever you want you can step into your joy bubble.