Welcome to our training on how to shift from lower vibration/shadows into High Vibe and abundance to accelerate your growth! This was recorded LIVE in a facebook group. We hope you enjoy it and shift into abundance…don’t be afraid to dig into your fears and shadows to bring them to light and achieve all you desire in your life!

Love, Kelly and Katie

We hope you enjoyed this training. We invite you to dive deeper with us for the retreat in Austin, Texas June 7-11th.

Click the button below to send us a facebook message to apply.

Please share the following:

  • Why you desire to come to the retreat?
  • What you are committed to shifting?
  • Why do YOU need to be there with us?

We will see if you are a fit and then share next steps with payments and all the logistics from there. We look forward to you going us for this magical and transformational retreat.

With Gratitude and Joy,

Kelly and Katie

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