How many times have you told yourself you’ll wake up early tomorrow?

I’m guessing countless times. Many of us have morning goals and usually they are not always so easy to achieve! It’s not easy to wake up early or to accomplish a lot during the first few hours of the day.

We’ve all heard about the POWER of a morning routine or ritual…AND sometimes life happens,  you don’ t stay consistent or your kids were up sick all night or you worked late…and that 5AM alarm to have an hour to yourself for your morning routine just doesn’t sounds appealing….so you put it off….over and over. WHY ARE YOU PUTTING YOURSELF ON THE BACK BURNER? You WANT THIS! 

You do a routine for 1-2 days and then say it’s too hard or this doesn’t work for more OR you are overwhelmed by all the things you “have to do to start your day”.
I GET IT….I was overwhelmed at first AND I KNEW that there is something MAGICAL about a morning routine or ritual…I just had to find what worked for ME! The quiet and still and space in the mornings is pure magic. It’s a time we get to look within, connect to a greater power and set our days up for success. Yet, everyone and their Mom is telling us what we “should” do for our morning routine. 
Listen up, the most important part of your morning ritual is that it’s YOURS! 
The magic in the mornings is that you get to create a scared space and a sacred routine and ritual to honor what you desire as you start your day to be able to serve and live from a full cup.
Sometimes, all we need is a little push from a kind soul in order to achieve our goals. You can also make mornings magical through small but very impactful practices……AND My invitation for you is to find YOUR magical morning…the routine that feels aligned for you.

Run the Day or let the day run you!

 Here’s what I’ve done for you….
Given you the tools and the options and you get to choose which ones align to you. These tools include: meditations, journaling prompts, prayers, activations, music (2 different kinds of playlists), smoothie supplies, coffee/ cacao recipes, tea, and a few other rituals. You get to choose which ones work for you. My ask of you is that you pick at least 3 things (one for your mind, one for your body and one for your spirit) and commit to that every morning. 
The magical morning is an opportunity for you tap into your magic and activate what lies within you and set your day and your life up for success from an authentic place aligned to YOU and what’s perfect for YOU! 
I’m excited to see what you get to create when you start your day with pure magic and your magical mornings. 

It’s time to choose YOUR magical Morning.

Here’s what you get to CHOOSE:

Magic Mornings–> You get ALL the THINGS Morning Routine. You get to choose which options resonate:  morning meditations, an activation (to shift your energy), Katie’s morning potions (coffee, teas and cacao), journal prompts, playlists, high frequency music,  morning prayer, and a training to create your morning for success (Value: $497)

Next Level Magic Mornings–> Everything above PLUS Clean Eating Healthy Living supplies to FUEL your BODY for success to start your day  (Protein Powder, Digestive Plus (pre and probiotics with digestive enzymes), Fizz (natural energy with B12) from Arbonne plus 35% off discounted pricing on any future products (Value $697) 

**Include your shipping address and if you want vanilla or chocolate protein AND citrus or pomegranate fizz***

How do I get my Magical Morning? 

Everything will be emailed to you (you get INSTANT access). You will get a special link and everything will be located on that page.

For those of you who order the Next Level include your address in the checkout so that I can ship the Arbonne products directly to your home and you will get an email confirmation of everything!

Why these Arbonne products for your morning routine?

  • Vegan, non-GMO, Organic Protein Powder for natural energy and to add to delicous healthy smoothies to fuel your body right 
  • Pre and Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes for your Gut health (healthy digestion= healthy brain) 
  • Natural Energy with B12, CoQ10 and green tea and Guarana seed extract in the Fizz

Who is Dr. Katie Henry?

Dr. Katie Henry is a spiritual success coach, affiliate marketing and branding business mentor. She is expert in the brain, flow, spirituality, energy and business. She is a doctor of physical Dr. Katie empowers driven heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers and healthcare providers to take radical responsibility for their reality, create from the magic within and activate their fullest potential into all areas of their life and business and from there create more income, impact and influence. 

You are meant to thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  She believes that we all about the ability to access flow and create magic daily. She works through deep spiritual work, science, authenticity, integrity, vulnerability and joy! 

Follow her on social media @drkatiehenry and her website is 
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