Ready to feel energized, supported, present, clear, confident and safe? Ready to up-level and bring your goals into reality? Ready to enter into a space of instant support, growth and expansion without having to DO anything? 

It’s time to enter the VORTEX?

It feels right it feels divine

It feels beautiful and aligned 

A space to be held full of support 

A space linking arms with your angelic court

A space full of angels and guides 

A space fueled by joy where magic never hides 

A container of pure magic 

not to be here would be tragic 

For downloads, channeling and magic galore

the MAGIC VORTEX is all yours and more! 

We invite you to join the magical co-creation 

and pray you accept our invitation 

Join us in the MAGIC VORTEX !

    What happens in this community:

      • Weekly LIVE Channeling with me: Ask a specific question and I will tap into God, source, universe and divine energy and be a channel for the aligned answers to flow through for you
      • Energetic Container: I will have created a healing container and vortex of healing and magical energy for all of the souls who choose to enter the vortex 
      • Meditation Sessions: These Meditation will get you into the feeling of what you truly desire, tap into your magic, activate the energetic vortex, tune into true alignment  and to live in the energetic state of JOY and MAGIC each and every day
      • Community: The community is the BEST part. You get to connect with each other and with me and be in the energy to help you create massive shifts while feeling fully supported, safe and held
      • Monthly Healing, Activations and Channeling rituals:  We will release those blocks so that you can step into your truth, activation you into higher states and shift the energy into alignment. This is done through mindset shifts, energy healing, channeling, Reiki, EFT tapping, breath work or guidance from physical healing exercises 
      • You get all this for $55/month 

    Remember YOU ARE MAGIC! 

     this is a space to heal, grow, embody your potential and activate your next level and your magic! 

    The next Ritual & Healing workshop will be 1/11/21!

    Enter into the Magic Vortex!

    • Exclusive private Facebook group 
    • Weekly Live Channeling with me in the group
    • Monthly Activation, Channeling and Healing rituals/ workshops (60-90 minutes) 
    • Support from me and the community
    • The opportunity to get discounts on my programs

    ***Join the VORTEX for $55/month OR $555 for the whole year (save $105)**

    “I’ve been working with Dr. Katie this past year and it’s been wonderful. I’m 45 years old and have been sick since I was 7 years old. Having cancer as a child, and all the harsh treatments I underwent, has caused health issues well into my adult years. I’ve felt stuck to say the least. Katie has helped me get on a better path of health and overall wellness. I have shifted my health, my mindset and my business is growing! Her channeling has helped serve as a guide for some big questions I’ve had about the direction I should take with my health and my business. My last channeling left me feeling hopeful and gave me a lot of clarity. Katie is joyful, smart, loving, and magical. I’m excited for my continued path with her.” 


    ” My first experience with Katie was during one of her live channeling sessions. I don’t even know how I found it but it popped into my feed one night while scrolling my phone and I’m so glad she caught my attention. I asked a vague question about transitioning out of a job and into my business and her answer was anything but vague. I swear it was like she knew everything about me and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Katie was the real deal. Her answer to me gave me clarity and healing which instantly shifted a block that I was struggling with and got me into action. I’ve gone on to work with Katie in multiple capacities since that first reading. Her intuitive skills are off the charts and she has the strategy know-how to back it up. I get caring and love when I need it and I get a kick in the ass when I need that too. I think it is the balance of high vibe intuitive healer and intense, fire starter energy that makes Katie a unique and special coach.” – Kelly Marshall; CPA, Financial Success and Money mindset Coach 

    **This is a monthly container. If you feel called to cancel the Community please provide 30 days notice and email and we will cancel you for future billings.

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait for you to enter the MAGIC VORTEX!

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