On the edge of a cliff….

I feel more free, light and unchained than ever.

The smell of the salty ocean air, windy blowing through my hair and a white flowing dress, arms expanded out to the side, warm sunshine beaming down in me and my face tilted upwards with the biggest smile on my face.

This is exactly where I get to be.

This is embodying joy.

This is stepping into abundance, my desires and my highest potential.

This was the download and the image I received during my meditation Monday morning.

It was one of the most powerful images and sensations from a meditation in awhile and it was a complete divine download.

I felt freedom, joy, ease and flow and then I saw myself confidently speaking and teaching hundreds of thousands of people….with that same ease, grace and joy.

It was powerful and I deeply desire to bring you to that sensation and embodiment of joy, freedom, flow and your desires.

But let’s be real, this was a meditation…. I had a moment thinking is this true?!? (Ahhh fear was starting to creep in but I stayed in the vibration of joy). I finished the meditation and felt amazing, journaled, messaged my coach and was inspired to teach more…..but then I was stopped dead in my tracks.

Boom……It felt as if a massive boulder had be dropped on my chest and I couldn’t catch my breath or gather the strength to remove it.

NO!!!!!!! This was the sensation of had for years and have worked tirelessly to heal…

Heal my voice.

Heal the weight (mostly energetically) dragging me down from speaking my truth.

Heal the hurt and pain from being told too many times that what I had to say didn’t matter.

Healing so many stories (mostly ones I had made up in my head).

How did I go so quickly from freedom, joy and expansion from speaking my truth and teaching to fear, constriction and doubt and barely able to catch my breath?

First off, this was an opportunity to honor the journey. Thank you universe and god for reminding me of this lesson.

And man how many times does this show up?

It’s life…right? Has this ever happened to you?

This moments of fear, doubt or “struggle” are all lessons that we get to learn from.

It’s almost like we are afraid to step fully into our highest potential and embody our truth. I know I was and I believe a part of me still is afraid…..now is my chance to continue to rise and continue to have faith.

It’s your turn too….you get to have faith in the lessons. It is a good thing.

Let’s go back to standing on a cliff and feeling freedom and joy.

That was the truth and what my heart desired….but when fear steps in and says oh just kidding you probably don’t want that….that’s when you look down and realize you could easily fall.

But here’s the moment, this is the time where you get to choose.

You get to see the fear and remember that a few seconds ago that was joy; therefore, you can shift.

You get to shift.

You get to choose.

You get to choose fear… or faith.

Fear or joy.

Which direction do you desire to go?

When you choose the fear, the fear becomes your reality because it’s all about a decision.

Therefore the same way you can choose fear, you get to choose joy.

Step into the joy.

Connect to the feeling of joy and what you deeply desire.

It is 222% yours (yeah I like angel numbers and 2 is one of my numbers so yep it’s way over 100% yours).

It’s time to break free from your fears.

Break free from the stories you’ve told that aren’t true.

Release….I am fully release and let go.

Be grateful for the experience and for the lesson (cuz you know there will be more).

Honor yourself for continuing to show up even when the lessons were the hardest to learn (and yes I’m grateful for all the broken hearts, failures, hurts, losses, and struggles) because they served a role in our lives but their role is over. The movie is done. The book is finished. The story of your fears has been playing long enough.

It’s time to choose your desires.

Choose your abundance.

Choose your fullest potential.

Choose your truth.

Choose your joy.

It’s a decision….decide to live fueled by joy!

And if you desire some support, don’t worry I’ve got you.

Check out this little exercise and a powerful meditation to release what’s no longer serving you and embody and feel the abundance and the joy that is yours.



Release what is Holding you Back and Step into Abundance and Joy with this Meditation

Your growth opportunity exercise:

  1.  On a piece of paper, write down: What do you get to let go of that is no longer serving you? What is holding you back from the abundance that you desire?
  2. Put that piece of paper to the side and do the meditation above.
  3. After the meditation, add onto that paper anything else that comes up that you get to release.
  4. Then rip that paper, burn it, throw it away and be done it with. This is sending a message that what is holding you back is no longer serving you and you are energetically releasing it.
  5. Take out your journal and write about what came up for you when you felt free, abundant and in your power.
  6. Take inspired action and do something that gets you into the energy you just experienced (write, blog, move, teach, sell to a client….whatever feels good).
  7. And of course…….do something that brings you JOY. Stay in the energy of joy and choose it each and everyday.

Did you enJOY this exercise?

If so it’s time to join my monthly JOY healing workshops and get into the energy of JOY.