Are you scared to share your real story?

I know I was and let’s be honest still am sometimes BUT I know that me staying quiet will do more harm than good.

Have you thought…..

How can I share my story and my truth…who will listen to me?

How can I share my truth I don’t even know what it is?

How can I share the “real me”? I am so scared… it terrifies me

When happens when I doubt every word that is about to come out of my mouth because I am afraid of what people will think when they hear what I actually think about something?

What will happen when I stop pretending like everything is fine and actually share my truth….the good, the bad and everything in between?

What will happen when I am open and vulnerable?

What will happen when I own that I am a spiritual person?

What will happen when I tell people that l really love things like meditating, journaling, essential oils, crystals, kundalini chants, healing circles, retreats, personal development books, facebook groups where people talk about spiritual things, going to speaking events or weekend trainings about how to ignite the healing powers within and how to step into your power?

AHHHHHH…I have felt this way so many times. Honestly I used to get sore throats, loose my voice, stutter a little, stumble over my words every time I read out loud and just terrified to speak what was true for me. After a lot of work and a lot of healing (which I made harder than I needed to….it does not have to be that HARD guys)….I started to find MY voice. I began to speak my truth.

First….join me and do this beautiful meditation that I made for you to Speak your Truth


Once you start to speak your truth…….

Here’s what happens…….

People say THANK YOU! I appreciate you being real. Oh my gosh I am so glad you aren’t perfect. I feel the same way.

You realize that if you don’t speak up and share that you won’t touch the lives you were meant to touch.

You realize you are here for massive impact.

You have a mission and a message that can CHANGE SOMEONE’s LIFE!

You find your power and a strength that has always been within you.

You are grateful for every experience and everything that have brought you to this moment.

You become empowered and share and talk even when your fingers tremble, your voice shakes and your heart pounds.

You gain the confidence to speak up even through you’re afraid….you see the fear and do it anyways because you have a message that people need to hear.

You find your tribe of people that get you and understand you and you love them hard.

You own your spirituality and your spiritual practice.

You open your mouth and you speak your truth.

You put your fingers to the keyboard and you wrote the post, email, blog or the book…whatever.

You share your truth and your story with the world.

Affirmations: Speaking my TRUTH will save my life & the lives of everyone who hears it 

Are you ready to speak up?!?

We’re ready for you!

We’ve been waiting.

It’s time to share you story and live your JOY!

What is your story you desire to share with the world?

Are you still terrified and want some help but aren’t sure where to begin?

Grab this affirmations for JOY and receiving to get into the ENERGY of Joy and Receiving so that you can be open to speaking your truth –> Click HERE to get the Affirmations