Hey Superwoman……

……ready to receive support?

What support? No I have to do it all!

Do you really?

Yes of course, if I don’t do it who will?

Oh there are a lot of people who will help you.

Yeah maybe but they won’t do it right….so I might as well do it.

But isn’t that exhausting?

Yes of course but it’s just what I have to do…so it do it.

Do you really have to do all that?

Yes I do.

Really? Who told you you HAD to?

Hmmmm…..no one did but if I don’t do it then it will never get done.


*****How often have you had this conversation with yourself or with someone else***


Raise your hand if you have.

🙋 🙋 🙋 ME ME ME!!! 🙋 🙋 🙋

Crap…..this was me…ALL….THE….TIME!

If I don’t do it no one will!

If I want it done “right” I HAVE to do it.

You know the highlight reel of this one.

But really ladies, do you HAVE to do it all?

What if you got support?

What if you TRUSTED?

What if you RECEIVED support?

What if receiving support and being supported created more space for you to be in your joy and manifest all your desires?

Do you even know how to receive support?

You say you do but do you really?

Remember no one told you that you have to do it all.

But maybe you FEEL like you have to do it all.

Is it serving you to be superwoman and do it all?

Maybe it is.

I know it did for me for a LONG time….and sometimes still does.

Doing it all and being “in control” made me feel safe.

Here’s why…..

There were a few times when I pulled back the reins and tried to not be so controlling or do “too much” and allow others to help me and support me more.

In business, I hired assistants, I hired VAs, I hired an OBM, I had other people help.

What happened?

They disappeared (legit one just didn’t respond for almost a month…..crappy wifi for a MONTH)

They did it wrong.

They got sick and totally dropped the ball.

They moved on and decided to uplevel and grow their business into something bigger (good for them and I was happy for her but I was left high and dry)

There company got bought out and they said they would no longer be able to help me….with a 3 day notice…..WTF?!? I get a random email saying sorry as of next week we will no longer be able to support you?!?

They yelled at me and told me how to run my business and over stepped their boundaries.

…..and I was alone 🙁

I had to do it all again….Damnit….I want to create, speak, write and be my creative kinda crazy sometimes self….there are some things in my business that I hate doing…but ok fine I will do it.

Cuz I know how to do it all…..I’ll just buckle down and do it.

But deep down, I knew I deeply desired support.

My soul knew I desired support and I got to receive support.

But my mind told me….nope they will just leave…..check the history….they all leave or do it wrong…..why would you get support when you end up just having to do it yourself.

But damn did I want the help…..I sure did.

In relationships, I fell for guys (mostly the wrong guys), I cared deeply and went above and beyond for them (yeah that is pretty much how I do all things…there is no half ass for this girl) , I started dreaming and visioning and FEELING how the future would be (duh that is how I am in everything else so why would I not dream big and tap into the future feelings/ desires) and here was the scariest ones…..I opened my heart, I fell in love (…hard), I told them how I FELT, I got vulnerable

What happened?

Most of the time and in the beginning it was amazing and felt so good and was a lot of fun…so much joy…..but then.

I was told what I had to say didn’t matter.

I wasn’t for them.

They moved on.

They spoke in vague terms and wouldn’t really share as personally as I did (then I got to over thinking…did I open up too much…am I too much? Oh crap)

I got hurt.

I was silenced.

I was lied to…….A LOT!  

I got cheated on……..yeah…..I could not catch my breath with that one.  

My heart got broken…..more than once.

I began to shrink….keep my mouth shut and doubt myself.

Again….I was alone.

Instead of feeling like my high vibe joyful self, I could not catch my breath. It felt like an elephant was on top of my chest and just CRUSHING any attempt I took to catch my breath. There was a deep emptiness inside of my heart and all I wanted to do was place my hand over my heart and be able to breath. I felt like a scared little girl curled up in the corner of a dark damp room just rocking back and forth sobbing……oh wait that is what I was doing.

I allowed myself to be open, vulnerable and receive support and allowed myself to not feel like I did it all……and then I ended up alone and hurt.

I was TERRIFIED of being alone and I was TERRIFIED of being supported….what I was supposed to do…in relationships…in my business… (my BIG passions: my work, my impact and my connection to others)…..I felt very much alone

Luckily I had phenomenal friends and family….but they aren’t always physically there.

I had some help and support but I felt alone.

My biggest fear….being alone.

This was now my reality.

So I went back and did it all.

In all areas of my life….personal, business, health, finances, traveling, I was “in control of it all”

I took control and held on tight.  

But guess what…..I still felt alone.

I knew this HAD to change. This is NOT sustainable….I mean trying to do it all ended up with me burnt out, exhausted, and still feeling alone.


So even though it was the scariest thing ever, I got support. I allowed myself to step back and receive…….oh wow what a shift.

You do too.

You get to receive the support you know you desire.


You get to be fully supported ALWAYS!

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past.

It doesn’t matter how you felt in the past.

It doesn’t matter what you think might happen.

….yes these things are important and have shaped you but these stories do NOT have to be your reality.

You GET to choose.

You GET to be supported.

You do NOT have to do it all.


I understand it is scary.

I understand it is hard.

I understand it might be the most terrifying thing in your life.

I understand it is vulnerable.

I understand it might be something you have never done before.

BUT it is safe to be supported.


It is safe to speak from your heart.

It is safe to ask for help.

It is safe to receive.

It is safe to be vulnerable.

It is safe to relinquish control (if you aren’t fully ready to do that yet…maybe ease up on the reigns)  

You get to be fully supported always.

You get to trust.

You get to receive

You always receive the love and support you desire.

The perfect people in your life are there to love and support you NO MATTER WHAT.

The more you receive support the more you get to do, be and have.

You are safe to be open to receive and have everything you desire.

You are always supported….forever and always……you get to receive.

I know it is hard but receiving support will free you to be in your greatness.

Receiving support gives you all the joy you desire.


I give you permission to be fully supported.

You’ve got this.

I am right there with you on this journey.

Imagine what you GET to do when you are fully supported.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Be open to receive

Decide that you are worthy of being fully loved and supported.

Decide to live fueled by joy #fueledbyjoy

Check out this meditation to help you be open to RECEIVING

Use this meditation to shift into the energy of receiving and being open to receiving SUPPORT. 

You’ve got this.

I love you and I believe in you.

Remember you always get to choose.

Choose your JOY!

You deserve it.

Comment below and let me know what you think and how you will be more open to receiving support.