Faith is about so much more than religion…you’ve gotta have faith!

Faith gets to be applied to every single area of your life. Check out this VLOG about FAITH, what faith means and examples of faith in our lives.


  1. What does faith mean to you?
  2. How do you get to lean into faith and live a life of faith?
  3. What do you get to do today that brings you joy?



You’ve gotta have FAITH!

What is faith?
What is hope?
What is trust?
What is possiblity?
What is truth?
What is joy?

It’s a beautiful and magical thing when you get to surrender, release, trust and have faith that everything works out perfectly and exactly as it is meant to.

How often do you truly have faith?

Are you able to surrender control?
Are you trusting in the process?

Do you think….how is that possible?
How can I fully surrender and trust?
How could I completely release control?

There is always a way.

FAITH is powerful.

Faith is NOT just a religious thing.

You get to have faith even if you are not religious.

Faith truly is just believing in something bigger than you.
Faith means you get to trust that you are not alone.
Faith means you get to breathe a little.
Faith means you get to experience more joy.
Faith means you get to believe in the possibility.
Faith means you get to wonder in the awe of the mystical.
Faith means you get to co-create your life with a higher being/spirit/power…whatever or whomever you want to call it.

Faith is about so much more than religion.

It doesn’t matter what you beleive in…you’ve gotta have faith.

When you have faith and trust, MAGIC happens.

Magic in your life.
Magic in the lives of those around you.
Magic in you.
Magic in your environment.

You life gets to be even better when you have faith.


Faith is powerful.
Faith is real.
Faith is bigger than you.
Faith creates magic.
Faith creates trust.
Faith creates joy.
Faith creates possibility.
Faith expands you.
Faith reminds you that you are NOT alone.
Faith guides you to think bigger, see bigger and live bigger.
Faith is powerful.

You’ve gotta have faith.

Well….let you don’t have to have faith…but life is way more magical, way more fun and way more possible with faith.

Whatever or whomever you have faith in…just have FAITH.
Believe….trust…surrender….breath….have faith.

Life gets to be MORE joyful, MORE magical, MORE powerful, MORE meaningful and MORE faithful.

Have faith…and go enJOY your life!

Decide to live fueled by joy #fueledbyjoy

How do you get to have faith today?

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