Day 1- Radical Responsibility

Here are the activities you GET to do today!  ****Do this and you will get epic benefits**

  1. #owningit1 look at the areas of your life that in the prework were below an 8/10 and take radical responsibility for why they are not an 8 or higher. No excuses just honestly look at why. Write out all of the excuses as to why you aren’t where you want to be and why you are afraid that you’ll fail.
  2. #owningit2 Write out how these excuses have served you in your life and kept you safe and be grateful for those lessons
  3. #owningit3 take the paper you wrote all those excuses on and rip it up, burn it and release it and then SHAKE IT OFF. Shake your body, move your body do the jump of joy and release the energy, ideas and beliefs associated with the excuses and fears
  4. #owningit4 Go to a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say “I take radical responsibility for my reality and everything I have created in my life. I see everything as a lesson and I am grateful for the lesson. I love and accept myself where I am at right now and I choose to believe that I get to create a reality that is filled with everything I desire. I love and accept myself no matter what. Thank you thank you thank you. And so it is.

You’ve got this. Today is intense and powerful as we get to release a lot so create space for what we want to choose in day 2!

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Day 2- Claim What You Desire

Day 2- CLAIM what you desire! Taking full responsibility for what you get to create.

Here is what you get to do today:

  1. What do you want and desire? It’s time to CLAIM IT! Write out 11 desires as if they are already done. Ex. Thank you thank you thank you for (insert your desire) OR I’m so happy and grateful that I (insert your desire)
  2. #owningit2 Go deeper into what you are claiming with these desires and Journal out these responses
    1. How does it feel to have these desires/ intentions done?
    2. Who is the first person you told when you achieved this? How do you tell them?
    3. How do you get to celebrate achieving this desire?

*****connecting an elevated feeling and emotion to this desire is how we get to powerfully manifest and create what we want***

3. #owningit3 Since we are talking about how you are magic, it’s time to CLAIM what your magical power is. Open up your journal and write the answer to this…… My Magical power is….

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Day 3- Stepping into Your 2.0 Version of You

It’s Day 3- Stepping into the 2.0 version of you and CLAIMING your Higher Self NOW! 

  1. #owningit1 What is the vision beyond the vision? Now that you are (ex.a running a 6 figure business and have a healthy body and tons of energy) what do you desire? What are your goals/ intentions?
  2. #owningit2 To bring those desires into the now, we get to shift from possibility into certainty. What do you choose to believe NOW so that you get to be certain that your desires are DONE? Write out at least 11 beliefs as follows….I choose to believe
  3. #owningit3 Who do I get to be now that my desires are already done?!?
    1. Journal on these questions:
      1. Who is the 2.0 version of me right now?
      2. Who do I get to be?
      3. What are the excuses that I get to release?
      4. What is holding me back from stepping into this right now?
      5. Embodying my higher self and the 2.0 version of myself: How do I act? What do I do each day? Who are my friends/ team members/ clients? How do I get to travel? Where do I go? What do I do? What does my business look like? What’s your relationship with money? How much money do you get to receive? What do my relationships look like? How do I feel?
  4. #owningit4 Do the next level embodiment meditation to call in who you get to be and lock it into your heart. Here you go –> (hahah this was filmed at 3AM when I was in Tulum so no judgment on the hair etc…the transmission was epic)
  5. #owningit5 This one is fun –> Dress up as your next level version of you…2.0 version being fully expressed and unleashed and take a selfie of yourself and post it in the facebook group and tag me in–>

I want to work with you Dr. Kathleen!

Day 4-Accessing and Amplifying your magical gifts!

Day 4 of Own Your Sh*t and Claim your Magic! Accessing and Amplifying your magical gifts! 
Here is what you get to do today

  1. #owningit1 do the meditation and activation in this video
  2. #owningit2 journal what comes through and how you feel after the meditation and activation and then post in the facebook group what you observe after doing the activation today
  3. #owningit3 believe you get to access this always (you always get to access your magic)
  4. #owningit4 if you’re ready to amplify your magic with me send me a PM on facebook and you get special bonuses for the Awakened Goddess SOULution (a magical mastermind and energetic container to increase your impact, income and influence through your grounded magical gifts of your soul work!) or a special pricing on 1:1 coaching with me
    1. book a Goddess Laser session with me here for only $11 –>

***PLEASE do not use this transmission with other people. This was a divine download I got for you guys in this moment. You can listen to this again #ofcourse and there was a divine purpose for this space and this community and came through me very powerfully. Please honor that. Thank you****

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Day 5- Integration and Embodiment

You made it to the last day of the challenge. Day 5! WOOHOO! 

#day5 integration and embodiment plus Q&A (recorded from a live Q and A and some of the answers in here might be helpful for you)

  1. #owningit1 do the embodiment breathwork and meditation in this video
  2. #owningit2 how do you get to FEEL embodying and BEing your next level 2.0 version of yourself? How do you get to BE every day to be that person?
  3. #owningit3 ask god/ universe/ your higher self what actions to I get to take as I am BEING the best version of myself TODAY?
  4. #owningit4 looking back on where you were last week, what progress have you made? Where do you feel different? Where are you noticing you are thinking different? How are you tapping into your magic more?
  5. What do you get to celebrate that you have done?
  6. #owningit5 book your call with me –> and let’s have a conversation on how I can support your integration and ascension of this magical process to being an awakened spiritual entrepreneur

*****If you are interested in working 1:1 with me or joining the Awakened Goddess SOULution community  go ahead and book a Goddess Laser session with me here for only $11 and we will determine which option would be best for you –>

Remember that you are MAGIC!
You did a fabulous job with this challenge

Remember that life and business GET to be fun AND You Are Magic!

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I’m ready for your magic Dr. Kathleen! Let’s work together

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