When fear, resistance, anxiety, self-doubt, and stress show up, what if you choose to move through all of this without judgment but through the lens of joy.

…I am choosing to learn and grow through JOY!

Here’s what has been coming up for me and the lessons I have learned in the past few days….I hope this serves you!

I have been triggered, ripped open, scared, questioning every single thing in my life, business and relationships.

Honestly, I questioned all of the things….it’s a spiral of craziness (we are human and all of these things come up and are normal…..but I KNOW I AM NOT NORMAL! I am choosing to do something different...more on that in a bit)

Questioning and second guessing all of this (these are all the things going through my head at the moment):

My business –> is this actually what my heart and soul desires and what will bring me and every person I connect with joy?

Do my clients really get value from working with me? I mean I think so but then shoot why am I getting so triggered by certain people?

Are the women enrolling in my courses and programs actually getting the shifts they desire? Some say they are and then some aren’t showing up….does that mean I am not showing up fully?

Oh no, what I am doing wrong?

Who am I to teach on joy and mindset shifts and trusting deeply when I can’t even trust myself?

I know my energy and my deep knowing inside is that joy is our natural state and something we all get to have….why am I not focusing on this?

I love my business and my work….why am I focusing on all these questions?


-My relationships –> My family and friends are amazing yet parts of me still question will they think I am just nuts, crazy, and unrealistic.

Are my friends looking at me and judging or are they being real and genuine?

I am being real with them…..or at least I think I am….but am I really?

My mentors and coaches are amazing and inspiring…but am I seeking something I️ could find in myself?

…omg am I just another transaction? No NO NO…that’s not true. Why the hell did I even say that?

It doesn’t make sense… maybe this is because I am not trusting myself and therefore I am not trusting my mentors.

Am I really just alone on this crazy journey called life and entrepreneurship?….no no no no not true but I sure do feel lonely at times.


Following your JOY is what you get to do.

Joy is your natural state.

Joy is what we all desire.

So follow the joy

Live fueled by joy

My relationships with men –> I am thinking about how I have treated men or acted around men (on man, is the Queen’s Code getting me to re-think and re-evaluate how I connect and interact with men….there is a lot I get to change here). Have I just spent years emasculating men and actually going against their true nature and essence which is to provide.

Am I blocking what I actually desire? Did I do this in my nearly 10-year relationship?

Have I done this with every guy I’ve dated? Did I just do this with the recent guy who hurt me?

OMG is this what I am doing with every guy I connect with or talk to?

Men desire to provide for me and to treat me like a queen.

I deeply desire to feel safe, loved, adored and respected.

Oh man, this involves trust….trust keeps showing up.

….more questions…more thinking (wait wait wait I just want to feel…I want to feel loved, adored, respected, connected, joyful, heard, seen and to be treated like the queen I am)


My health/ my body –> OMG so much judgment around myself and all of this right now.

Shifting back into old patterns of noticing every single flaw, comparing myself to others, thinking about all the food I put inside my mouth, thinking about the next workout I get to do, tearing myself down and thinking I NEED to change.


There is much more but those were the things that came up for me in the moment.

The initial reaction was self-judgment….

There was a heaviness, a weight on my shoulders and difficulty catching my breath.

I have felt this before…..unfortunately too many times.

The crushing sensation on my chest….heaviness over my whole body.

I can’t take a deep breath.

NO NO NO NO.…I hate this feeling.

Next up, stress and worry.

OMG OMG OMG now I am thinking about all of these things. There is so much I need to change…not even need I want to change it.

Oh crap, I want to scrap everything and start over.

Yes, that’s it start over….oh no how?

I thought I just purged so much and started over a few months ago.

I get to keep learning this lesson…..ahhhh

Then I shifted into anger.

Seriously, WTF, the more inner work I do the more comes up.

Now I was pissed and angry….I am so done with all of this.

It’s too hard.

It’s too emotional.

My life has felt like an emotional rollercoaster….why?!?


I was reacting to this fear, self-doubt, worry, stress and letting fear take the driver’s seat…….WOAH that’s not me.

Katie, why are you reacting this way? This is not you. You teach this stuff. You teach and empower on how to shift your energy and to shift into joy.

How can you possibly be focusing on these fears and doubts?

Fear and doubt cannot exist with love and joy.

I know exactly what I “need to do”….scratch that what I get to do!

I am sure you can relate to some of these crazy thoughts…I mean we are all human and we all have these things come up.

BUT us crazy ones, the special ones, the ones who are willing to go into the depths or fear, doubt, worry and stress AND SEE THE JOY on the other side……we are MAGICAL!

We are MAGIC…..we are JOY!

I noticed all of this today. I AM JOY.

I choose to do things through the lens of joy.



That’s what we desire….we all desire joy, flow, ease, happiness, abundance and all of the things.

This is what we get to choose every single day.

We get to look at all of these crazy thoughts, feelings, emotions and we get to be HONEST with ourselves and with others.

The fact that we are even looking at all of this stuff is POWERFUL.

I mean most people don’t look at things in this kind of depth.

So let’s just take a moment and pause….and CELEBRATE!

Woohoo, you are looking at your fears, doubts, and worries and you now get to choose!

We all get to choose how to react.

Start with just noticing the feelings, the thoughts (no matter how crazy they are), the worries, the stress, the anxiety and all the things.

Don’t overanalyze them BUT do be honest with yourself with what comes up with each of these fears/ doubts/ worries etc.

Look at them all and see that these things do NOT get to run your life.


Fear is no longer in the driver’s seat.

Fear, doubt, and worry will always show up in life….but YOU get to be in control!

You get to decide and create your reality.

This does take a lot of trust.

Trust is a lesson I personally am learning a lot and working on…but it keeps getting better.

Trust when you have been hurt isn’t always easy BUT it gets to be easy. It gets to be joyful. It gets to be safe to trust.

So now it is time for you to choose to shift.

WOOHOO, you get to shift…..you get to shift into joy!

How the hell do you shift?

I’m so glad you asked (yay this is something I am an expert in shifting into joy).

I invite you to try this process to shift back into JOY…

1) Be SUPER HONEST with yourself (Awareness is essential here) 

2) Look at all the fears, doubts and worries with curiosity (Ask questions like: Isn’t it interesting? I wonder why this is coming up? What does this mean? Hmmmmmm) 

3) Notice how it makes you feel (the emotions and sensations of all of it) (The emotions and feelings are the driving force) 

4) Recognize when you are out of alignment with your joy (Ask yourself these kind of questions: Is this what I desire? Is this how I want to feel? Is this really want I want? Is this what gets to happen or can I choose something different here?) 

5) Be grateful for the lessons and the experience (I always suggest choosing 2-3 things you are grateful for from this experience and this lesson. Gratitude will shift you from negative emotions to positive emotions very quickly! Once you have the gratitude, place your hands on your heart while you think of the feeling and emotions that come up. This will strengthen and amplify the gratitude you get to feel in your heart!)

6) Decide how you want to feel (Yay this is the fun part. Remember that you get to choose and you get to decide and you get to create your reality. BONUS= all the feelings and emotions that are connected to your desires)

7) Choose to shift into Joy –> (do the joy activities (activities that elevate your energy), utilize tools that will help you get our of your head and into your body such as music and movement to shift your state back into joy and Reach out for support!

Yay that is what I am here for, BE in your JOY! –> This is living fueled by joy. 

Wellthat was modules of several of my courses and programs written out for you….hope that helps. This is a process and a shift that I get to do daily. HOWEVER the more you do it the faster you shift.


Fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety and all of these feelings and emotions will continue to show up. It’s not about ignoring them…..it’s about choosing how you react and how you live. Choose the learn and grow and evolve and become more you. Choose to enJOY the journey and experience the journey through JOY. Choose and BELIEVE and TRUST that following your JOY is really all you “have to do” Following your JOY is what you get to do.

Joy is your natural state.

Joy is what we all desire. So follow the joy Live fueled by joy #fueledbyjoy

Ready to take your JOY to the next level in your LIFE, BUSINESS, health, relationships…all the things?

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7 Ways to Shift Back Into Joy