Ha boundaries…I had NO clue what that meant for about 29 years!

  • People pleaser
  • Bend over backwards for everyone
  • All put myself on the back burner
  • Do do do do for EVERYONE else
  • Exhausted
  • Worn Out
  • Anxious
  • Stressed
  • Sleep Deprived
  • Giving and giving and giving but not open to receive
  • Guilty
    ….the list goes on.

I did not have any boundaries because I thought that was bad or selfish…boy was I wrong!

I am SO grateful I choose to shift this.
The past nearly 4 years (I mean I just turned 33 so yeah almost 4 years) have been the hardest but also the BEST years.

I have transformed so much in my life (my health, my business, owning my spirituality, owning my intuitive and energy skills, my role has a leader, teacher and influencer, my relationships with men, friends, family and myself, my art/creativity, my travel, my joy, zest for life and my infectious energy and passion)

….it all started with a decision…… I AM WORTHY and I will NEVER allow my happiness to be dependent on someone else.

I will find it WITHIN FIRST and then others will amplify it.

Wow what a shift.

I mean I have ALWAYS been positive.
I always have been High vibe and joyful
The joy……oh the joy!

You get to tap into so much potential.
You get to experience so much joy
You get to experience so much love
You get to experience so much happiness
You get to have so much HEALTH
You get to RECEIVE everything you desire.

So back to the boundaries….I got to decide that boundaries were a good thing.

And they are…I got to experience it first hand and realized how transformative it was….so of course it is something I get to teach my clients.

When you protect our energy, create boundaries, beleive you are worthy of every desire….you get to tap into your greatness, into your joy, into your passion, into your potential….

You get to be more YOU!

Then you get to dream even bigger.

You get to look at your desires that you REALLY desire….I mean deep in your soul.

You get to look into your soul and realize that your joy, your desires, your heart and your love are YOU.
That is your truth
That is the reality you get to choose.

You always get to choose.


Boundaries do not create walls. 
Boundaries tear down the walls, 
Boundaries allow you to respect yourself enough to say NO
Boundaries give you freedom
Boundaries give you a choice
Boundaries give you the space to tap deeper into you.

What happens when you do this?


You help more!

You serve more!
You impact more!

You do the beautiful work you know deep in your soul that you HAVE to do…..the work you do, the people you impact, the people you connect with…the people you love…..

They deeply desire for you to be more you!

That’s where you SHINE.

Be more you. 
Be more in your joy.

Your soul and your heart knows exactly what to do. 
Create the space for you to dig deep and go internally.

Then decide!

Decide you are worthy and you get to have every desire. 
Decide to live fueled by joy.