Are you afraid of stepping up, growing and reaching your next level?

Growth……why is it so scary?

Growth is scary because we are going somewhere where we have never been. 
That is not bad at all, in fact, it’s perfect.

Growth is exhilarating. 
Growth allows us to pivot, to shift, and to expand.

As we grow, we get to tune in. We get to listen.

What do we listen to?

Our hearts!

Roxette had it right, “Listen to your heart when he’s calling to you, listen to your heart there’s nothing else you can do.”

I’m going to take it to the next level and say that listening to our heart is the only thing we have to do… the only thing we GET to do.

All we get to do is listen to our hearts.

When we are lead and guided by our heart, we are lead by our truth, our essence, our spirit and our soul.

Our heart is the strongest chakra. 
Our heart is our strongest emotional center. 
Our heart emits the strongest electromagnetic frequency in our body. 
Our heart is your strength
Out heart is one of the strongest muscles in your body. 
Our heart connects us to our soul and WHO we really are.

With all it’s strength, why would we NOT listen to our heart?

Why do we sometimes choose to NOT follow our hearts?

Because it doesn’t always make sense.
Because there isn’t a lot of logic with our hearts.
Because sometimes our hearts break
Because sometimes our hearts lead us towards terrifying, new, scary, growth and expansive opportunities, experiences and people we’ve never experienced before.
Because our hearts know our truth and sometimes that truth places us in opportunities and experiences that are NOT like anything we have ever experienced before.

Because we can’t think our way through what our heart FEELS.

How would we grow?

How would we expand?

How would we connect more to our heart?

How would we grow into more LOVE?

How would we get to experience more love?

How would we get to experience more JOY?

How would we get to experience more of our truth of who we really are?

How do we get to be more real and true?

These are the questions we get to ask ourselves when we are growing and we are following our heart.

It doesn’t always make sense. 
It feels really scary. 
It feels like you are a little crazy. 
It feels like unfamiliar territory.
It feels like your diving into the deep end with a weight attached to you but you know deep inside that you’ll break free from that weight/ the chains that are weighing you down and you will NOT drown…in fact you will soar!
It feels like you get to float. 
You get to fly. 
You get to soar. 
You get to expand. 
You get to grow. 
You get to be more you. 
You get to step more fully into your purpose, your truth, your mission, your impact, your joy, your desires and your heart.

Following your heart feels right. 
Following your heart feels safe. 
Following your heart feels like a breath of fresh air. 
Following your heart feels like being able to finally exhale after a moment of deep fear, worry and doubt. 
Following your heart feels like reaching the top of a mountain and looking out on the expansive horizon and the beauty of the world around you. 
Following your heart feels like the pure love and joy of a child. 
Following your heart feels like the freedom of finally doing something on your own for the first time. 
Following your heart feels like a blossoming flower on a chilled spring morning. 
Following your heart feels like warm sunshine on your face after a massive storm. 
Following your heart feels like finally finding your way after feeling completely lost for days, weeks or years. 
Following your heart feels like a clearing in the deep woods that leads you to a gorgeous open field. 
Following your heart feels like fresh breeze off the sea or the ocean. 
Following your heart feels like coming home after an arduous journey. 
Following your heart feels like a warm embrace from a loved one. 
Following your heart feels like deep love. 
Following your heart feels like passionate lovers intertwined where two people become one. 
Following your heart feels like someone connecting to you and your soul for their first time. 
Following your heart feels like a looking deeply into the eyes and therefore the soul of someone you love. 
Following your heart feels like you. 
Following your heart is all you get to do.

Follow your heart and trust that the growth you get to experience is exactly what your heart and soul deeply desires.

All you have to do is place your hands over your heart, feel your heart, ask your heart what it desires, listen and take aligned action from your hearts desires…..then have faith and trust that you are safe to follow your heart.

We are safe to follow our hearts….this is growth. 

This is expansion. 
This is our truth. 
This is our love. 
This is our joy. 
This is who we are!

Follow your heart. 
Go do something that brings you joy….today and always. 
Live fueled by joy. 

With Love and joy, 

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