Stories can be fun, exciting, captivating, scary, invigorating, inspiring, traumatizing and terrifying. Someone’s story will make you feel drawn to them, connected to them, polarized by them, turned on by them or shut down by them.

Stories can make you want to run and give someone a massive hug and cry with someone, run the opposite direction screaming from someone, drawn to them, yearning to support them or lift them up, make you laugh so hard you cry and make you feel deep pain and anguish.

Here’s the thing it’s just a story. Yes it might be your reality in this moment but it is just a story.


You are not your circumstances.

You are not your family.

You are not your education.

You are not your career.

You are not your relationships.

You are not your suffering.

You are not your trauma.

You are not your pain.


You are SO much more.


You are a healer.

You are powerful.

You are a leader.

You are strong.

You are courageous.

You are a fighter.

You are an angel.

You are magical.

You are magnetic.

You are beautiful…inside and out.

You are bliss.

You are freedom.

You are all that you desire.

You are a phoenix.

You find a way to rise….not matter how many times you get knocked down you find a way to get back on your feet and go for it.

How? Personally, I know that I am so much stronger than I think I am AND I have faith that God has my back and the universe has my back.

When I surrender the need to control it all (probably the lesson I struggle with the most) everything works out exactly as it is supposed to.

This is NOT easy but remember you are NOT your struggle, you are NOT your success and you are NOT your story.

Yes these situations, experiences, jobs, people, relationships happened in your life. However, they are NOT your life. They do NOT define you.

So often we allow ourselves to be defined by our stories, our circumstances, how we grew up, the education we did or did not have, who helped us, who shoved us down, who hurt us etc…. It’s time to STOP!


Don’t get me wrong, I am not dismissing anything that happens to us as human beings (man life can be so hard sometimes). I am simply saying that our stories are not who we are.

You have a choice each and everyday on how you show up in this world.

What will you choose?


I choose Joy.

I strongly encourage you to do the same.

But I won’t force you, it’s your decision.

What do you decide?

Decide to live a life FUELED BY JOY.