Sometimes things aren’t perfect and that’s ok.

I felt like a fraud today because I was just feeling super negative, down and in my head.

All sorts of crazy stories and lies I was telling myself….but they were lies.

Lots of who am I? What am I doing?

Am I running from something with my travels?

Why am I over analyzing every conversation I have with this guy I like?

Can I maintain this uplevel I’ve made in my life and keep making?

Why am I overthinking and overanalyzing everything?

In fact, I teach women how to get out of your head and into your body and connect to your feelings….why am I doing right now?

I KNOW how to shift this….so I did!

I get to shift into JOY!

What did I do?

I MOVED my body to shift my energy.

I did something that brings me joy.

I hopped on my bike and went to SoulCycle with my favorite teacher.

Then I journaled and here’s what happened…

I am perfect exactly as I am and I always make the right decision.

Yes, I was in my head and telling myself all these stories and overthinking.

But none of those stories from this morning are true, AND I get to shift it and change it.

I honored the feelings of fear, worry and doubt that I had and I said…I get to choose JOY and MY DESIRES of freedom, ease, flow, connection, passion, creativity, love, and JOY!

Be you and get ready for a fun, scary, crazy and JOYful ride.

Then have FAITH and BELIEVE

Those feelings of fear, worry and doubt came up because you are doing something different and new and you are growing.

You get to grow.

You get to expand.

You get to step MORE into your truth.

If you want to go places you’ve never gone and reach desires/ dreams/ goals, you have never experienced before then you GET to do things youhave never done…….THAT is scary….BUT…that is growth.

You don’t have to have it all figured out all the time.

That’s ok.

You are perfect where you are in the moment. 

Just keep taking it day by day and KEEP SHOWING UP.

Keep being you!

Remember that your only job is to be you.

Why not, experience YOU through JOY!

Be you from a space of joy!

Be you from a space of vulnerability and truth.

Be you and be open to what happens.

Be you and get ready for a fun, scary, crazy and JOYful ride.

Then have FAITH and BELIEVE

You are exactly where you get to be.

The fear shows up because you are growing.

Growth is good……it is just getting more connected to the REAL YOU!

Know your DESIRES.

Choose them.

Shift into it whenever you need and desire.

You get to.


Your only job is to be YOU!

You don’t know what you desire, No worries I am here to HELP!

You get to align with you joy & what brings you joy daily.

I have created a program that can change your life just like it did mine and many of my clients.

It’s all about shifting how you achieve goals (PS you are going after a FEELING, not a goal) and getting clear on what you desire and how you want to feel.

From there we get into the energy of what you desire and get you aligned with your joy.

Imagine if you could experience joy and what you desire…every…single…day!

You CAN! But you have to know what you desire and how you want to feel.

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