On all levels……physical, emotional, spiritual 
It’s what being human is about…..connection! 

What fosters this connection?


All kinds of relationships…..
romantic, friendships, business, acquaintances, spiritual (with whatever higher power you believe in), the relationship with yourself and even the people who you don’t “know” but interact with every single day

We have these diverse relationships every single day

But how often do we ask ourselves what do we really desire in these relationships?
What brings us joy in these relationships? 
What connects us deeper to our truth, our reality, our soul and our essence in each relationship?

Oh shit….. you might be thinking……I can’t do there


You GET to go there. 

Because you desire to. 

You desire to go deeper…..you desire to connect more. 
Whether you realize it or not….you do! 
Connection…we all want it. 
Sometimes we don’t get it…..we don’t know how, where, with whom…..but we DESIRE it. 

Tune in and ask yourself what kind of connection do you desire. 
YOU KNOW…..just ask yourself.

Open up your journal or your computer laptop. 
Type this or write this at the top of the page…….

WHAT DO I DESIRE with CONNECTION and relationships?

……..pause……then just start writing. 

Don’t judge it. 
Write what comes to mind. 
Write what is deep in your soul
Write what is real and true for you

Connect to YOU….connect to your truth
That’s ok……you get to do this! 
Totally stuck? 

Ok I will help……here is what I wrote. 

If this resonates, amazing!
If this triggers you, this is probably something you get to look at
If this scares the shit out of you, this for sure is something you wanna look at! 
Give yourself permission to look at what you really really desire. 

I started with the feelings and then I got more specific.

K here’s mine (PS some of it might not make sense but I am not judging it I am just writing what came to me)……

In relationships, I desire….
Love, connection, truth, affection, honesty, passion, compassion, elevation, growth, desire, open and honest communication, radical honesty, support, truth, authenticity, courage, strength, vulnerability, adventure, play, expansive, bountiful boldness and of course JOY! 

I get to have this in relationships…all kinds! 
This is not “too much”
This is what I desire and it will manifest

I desire people who expand me and help me tap into unknown possibilities and potential beyond my own understanding. 
I desire to feel expansive and limitless in my life and in my relationships. 

I get to be with someone and form relationships with people I can trust, who will open up, be vulnerable with me. 
I am open. 
I get to be more open. I am vulnerable. 
I get to be more real, open and honest.
I get to be honest and sharing openly with how I feel and how I want to feel. 
It’s ok. It is safe. It is good…..no it is JOYFUL. 

It is aligned to speak my truth always….even when it is scary. 
I release the doubt, the fear and the worry…..because…
Internally, I know exactly what I want….what I desire…what my SOUL needs. 

GUESS what you do too! 

Now it is your turn…….
It’s time to DECLARE what you DESIRE. 

Know what you want and what you get to have. 

Check this out….


You get to have faith and trust that you are clear on what you desire and you are willing and open to be vulnerable. 
Trust and respect yourself and your desires.
You get to ask for and state what you want and you desire and how you want to feel. 
Believe everything you desire will manifest because it is safe to have it all. 

You get to have it all. 
You get to have what you desire
You are WORTHY of having everything you desire.
It is NOT selfish. It is NOT too much…it’s perfect and exactly what you know in your soul you get to have. 

You are a GOOD person. 
When you get what you desire and what you want (especially in relationships), you GET to do more GOOD in this world. 
When you have everything you desire in relationships and in your life, you get to change more lives. 
You get to heal yourself and heal others. 
You get to give yourself a break and step into your truth MORE! 

You get to choose
You get to desire
You get to declare to the universe exactly what.
You get to have joyful relationships
You get to have a life full of all your desires and all your joy. 

You are worthy of ALL OF IT! 
Ask and you shall receive! 

Connect to your desires
Connect to your joy

I know I am working on this and getting more and more aligned every single day….and it keeps getting better. 

It’s good. You get to enJOY your life! 

Be ready, open and willing to ask and to LISTEN to what you know internally! 
And then decide. 
Decide you can have everything you desire
Decide you can live fueled by joy! #fueledbyjoy