What if you just had faith and trusted?!?

What would you do?

How would things be different?

What would you choose to do with your time, your day….your life?!?

Think about it….

How often do you “choose” to do what you “have” to do or what you “should” do out of fear?

I mean really think about it.

Here is the sad thing…….

So many of us make MAJOR life decisions out of fear.

What if you saw the fear, witnessed it and then remembered that you GET to choose?

You get to choose the JOY over the Fear.

What if you followed what lit you up?

What if you followed what brought you joy?

What if you did what made you truly happy?

What if you had FAITH that you are always making the right decision and that you are doing EXACTLY what you desire?

Honestly, Faith…..Trust…… and believing that you GET to have EVERYTHING you DESIRE has been the BIGGER lesson for me lately.

And of course, that has been the biggest lesson for my clients, my friends, and even my mentors lately.

Trusting and having faith that following our desires and our joy is really all we HAVE to do…..

F that we don’t ‘HAVE” to do anything…we GET to do things.

We have a choice EVERY SINGLE DAY!

SO why not choose joy, fun, adventure, success and our desires and then trust and have faith?

But let’s stop letting FEAR lead the way.

Let’s have JOY lead the way.

Follow your JOY and you will be magnetic for what you desire.

I know you might be sitting there rolling your eyes as you read this and think F you Katie, this is just NOT possible to do all the time……..STOP that thinking right NOW!We don’t always choose the joy, fun, adventure, success, and our desires…..because we are HUMAN.

Which means we have an ego, we see FEAR and experience it daily.

Let’s be real, if we weren’t scared then we wouldn’t be growing.

Fear shows up to teach us lessons and to help us grow and expand.

When you think that way, you are letting FEAR take over……stop letting FEAR run your life!

I spent years….stressing out, hustling, people pleasing, choosing relationships/ staying in abusive relationships, earning money and success out of FEAR……what did that leave me?

Let me tell you…..burnt out, suffered severe adrenal fatigue, caught rare diseases and illnesses my clients and patients had (I’m talking the swine flu, quarantined to my room, full leg braces when my job was to teach people to walk, collapsing in elevators at work), insomnia (yep only slept for 2 hour intervals and I thought that was normal), anxious AF but still showing up with a smile on my face and being positive and upbeat but inside I was slowly dying…my soul was hurting.

Then I DECIDED…..this is NOT who I am…I am energetic, positive, joyful, fun, adventurous and yes I work my ass off but I desire to work my ass off from alignment.

So I shifted……what was the shift?!? I chose JOY over FEAR.

Literally embodied the person I knew I always was and gave Fear a big F you and knew that my job was to be ME and follow my JOY and know, trust and believe that is all I got to do!

Let me tell you….it is so much better on the other side…..like so much better!

I ask myself EVERY single day….what will bring me JOY today and I do that.

In my business, my relationships, my health, my travel/ adventure, my friendships, my communication, my faith/ spiritual practice….all of it.

What did I shift?

I followed what brought me JOY! I saw the fear but had FAITH and TRUSTED that I get to follow my desires, follow my joy and just tune into my desires and my joy daily and I always make the right decision and my job is to just be me….always!

This is POSSIBLE for you too!

One of my clients just told me how much happier she is. In the past week, she has 3 new clients, a new business partner that will up-level and BLOW UP her business and 5 new potential clients all at a higher price point…..what did she shift?!? She got into her JOY.

There are many many more.

Stop struggling

Stop Stressing yourself out

Stop working from Fear

Step into JOY.

Change your life.

Have Faith!


Decide to live fueled by joy. #fueledbyjoy

How can you make Decisions from Joy and not fear? How can you Choose Joy?