We all have dreams, desires and aspirations. The big question is… what does the process of going for those desires look like?

Is it pulling at straws? Is it aligned action? Are you hustling and going after goals? Is there not much connection to what you are striving for with goals and desires? Maybe you are just sick of going after the same old thing or what you are “supposed” to do.

What if you knew exactly what to do to get everything you want in all aspects of life? ……….. Guess what you DO!  It’s time to get CLEAR!

Ready to trust? Let’s tap into the high vibes energetically right now (lion’s gate, eclipse, new moon and all sorts of energy moving through the universe….plus the energy of JOY which is the absolute best feeling and sensation that we get to experience every single day) so that we can get into the energy of JOY and our desires. 

Today is an opportunity for you to shift…..you GET to shift into your desires and your TRUE intentions. 

Remember it’s all about the FEELINGS when it comes to achieving our desires and our dreams not the goals themselves. 

So how do we shift into the feelings and the energy of what we desire?

It starts with listening to what you REALLY want and desire!

Whip out your journal and ask yourself these questions:
1) What do I really want/ desire?
2) How do I REALLY want to feel in all areas of my life (you can go through various areas such as health, relationships, job/career/business, family, travel/fun, creativity, learning/knowledge acquisition)
3) What is the main feeling/ sensation I want in my life? (for example: I desire to feel JOY, ease and freedom in all aspects of my life)

Once you write these out….pause, sit back, listen, pray, ask for guidance…..take a little time to see what comes up as you write all of this out.

Next step……this is key because this is how you get into the ENERGY of what you DESIRE.

Next Level Journal Prompts:
1) When I feel the way I desire, what do I do with my time and in my day?
2) When I have all my desires, what am I doing and who am I being in all these areas of my life?
3) When I am the person I desire to be (I want you to step into this version of yourself because it does exist within you), how do I show up in my life?

*****when you really dig deep into these questions, you will take actions from a place of alignment because you are acting from your desires and your true feelings and intentions…..THIS IS A MASSIVE and powerful shift*****

It takes some time but once you decide and make this decision to come from this space of achieving and feeling the way you want to feel there is NO looking back!

Put this into action with the meditation below and if you desire a deeper dive with support….check out my workshop series/ mini-course on Alignment, Goals with Soul, Desires and Intentions!

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You have all the answers within you….it’s time to listen to the JOY within you!


***Remember that JOY is your natural state…
you GET to choose JOY***

Watch this Meditation to CONNECT to your Desires and Intentions NOW! 

Was this helpful? Are you still stuck?

Try the meditation again or dive deeper with me in the Goals with Soul and Align with Joy Workshop!

Decide to live FUELED BY JOY! #fueledbyjoy