“I watch your videos, trainings, courses and everything you create and think, I wish this woman was my friend. It would great to have a someone so passionate to talk with about life, on a casual yet meaningful level, regularly. You are so personable Katie Henry. Thank you for sharing with us with such genuine authenticity and integrity of who you are. Bless you.”

-Rachel, Australia

Feel the JOY and happiness in your life you deserve

I want to help you release the guilt of taking care of yourself. Because when you do, you’ll be able to show up as the best version of yourself in your work, relationships, and life. This is NOT beyond your reach, I’ll show you the way.

Do these ring true for you?

  • I give generously and don’t ever expect anything in return
  • It is hard for me to say no
  • I like helping others and making things easier for others
  • I have something to say but my voice isn’t always heard
  • I have a hard time making decisions, I am easily swayed by others
  • I have a hard time trusting people and being fully open and honest with others
  • I wish I could learn how to tap into my intuition or even trust my intuition
  • Boundaries… yeah, I’m not so sure what exactly that means!
  • I have a spiritual practice and I want to OWN that more. 
  • I want to have more fun and more joy in my life (in all areas of my life) 
  • I want to take my life and my business to the next level….I am ready but don’t know where to start and honestly need some help and support 

Do you feel?

  • Stuck or stagnant in your life
  • You are so ready for your next level but don’t know HOW it will happen. 
  • Constantly over-thinking, and overanalyzing
  • Yearn to be more present and live more in the moment
  • Numb, disconnected, unsure how to figure out what you want
  • You say “I’m OK and everything is fine” but feel like something’s missing
  • You don’t even know how to feel the feelings and unmask how you really feel
  • Want to trust your gut but aren’t sure how
  • Have a spiritual practice and want to learn more or dive deeper
  • You want to infuse your spiritual practice into your business and your life
  • You desire an amazing life but you’re not exactly sure what you want or how to get there

Oh, I’ve been there. I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, workaholic who had body image and self-confidence issues and was incredibly numb to feelings for years. It took reconnecting to my feelings, to my body, and my heart to heal. It meant rediscovering my spirituality. I’d love to lead you out of the haze, too.

Right now, you have a choice and an exciting opportunity. You have the opportunity to reimagine your life. To experience more joy every day and to look at life with curiosity and wonder.

If you choose this, HUGE shifts are about to happen.

This is an exciting time this is a time for a magical shifts. This is the time for transformation. This is the time to unlock the power that you have within you. This is an opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and finally feel so that you can heal. This is an opportunity to step into JOY.

These are the things I want for you:

  • To feel confident in who you are
  • To have more energy, zest, and enthusiasm for life
  • Clear your thoughts and focus on positive shifts
  • To spark creativity and freedom in your life
  • Create healthy and easy boundaries and be able to say no without guilt
  • Make more of impact with your work without being a martyr
  • To reconnect to your faith and find a spiritual practice that works for you
  • Freedom to do more of what sings to your soul
  • do the real work you love and get paid for it
  • To make the impact on this world you are meant to make
  • To heal through your healing work and by showing up in your authentic power and TRUTH

And BONUS… releasing limiting beliefs and guilt results in clearer thoughts, improved focus, better attention, improved health, weight loss, better skin, easier digestion, etc. etc. etc. I’ve seen the dramatic transformation so many times.

I’m excited for our adventure.

You are in the driver’s seat. I’ll give you the guidance and the direction but the choice is up to you. Are you ready to create a life fueled by joy?

This an opportunity to make a choice and transform your life.

(Congratulations! I’m celebrating you already!)

“Katie is an exceptional listener. She works with you, really works with you to understand the real reason behind what’s keeping you stuck. Once she discovers YOUR problem, she works with you to find out solutions that can be carried out in real life. What I liked the most about her is the fact that she kept it real.”


work with katie to transform your life

I work with people who are committed, ready to change, willing to put in the work, and want to transform their lives. This is more than a money investment… it requires time, energy and hard work to transform your life.

or, choose your focus:

“It’s LIFE CHANGING! I got to the core of what I REALLY wanted to change in my life. I put on this excess weight because I wanted to hide. I wanted to protect myself. I used my weight as “bubble wrap.” Once I realized that my desire was to be seen, making the shifts with my health, my weight loss and my life happened. Thanks Katie for guiding me to my desired feeling of being seen…I can’t believe the results!”


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